HubNugget Nomination

  1. Mike's Corner profile image83
    Mike's Cornerposted 7 years ago

    Two great things happened to me today:

    1: I awoke today thinking it was Thursady, but it turned out to be Friday.

    2: I received what I thought to be an email asking me to send money to a Mr. Van Deetes, a "Diplomatic Agent" from Nairobi who had $68 Million tied up in a Swiss account and chose ME to loan him the $2,500 necessary to pay the "Withdraw Fee" so that he could have the funds wired to his Nairobi account, after which he would "of course" wire me directly $1 Million for "my trouble," but it turned out to be an email from HubPages notifying me of my nomination for a HubNugget award in the Sports & Recreation category for my review of Gore-Tex's Paclite winter cycling pants.

    Sorry Mr. Van Deetes, but some things are more valuable than money.

    Thanks for the nomination!