about navigating the new account interface

  1. Howard S. profile image87
    Howard S.posted 6 years ago

    I have seen numerous questions from users not being able to find a familiar view. There is poor integration between the top tabs and those at the left. Even though I know what you have done, I myself have had trouble trying to remember intuitively which top tab will bring up the desired left column. I think two things would help.

    First, use the same background scheme for the 5 tabs at the top as is used for the column at the left. That will tie them together visually. The selected tab can be green hilite in the column; the rest can be black toolbar background instead of light blue page background.

    Second, make it so that hovering the cursor over a tab at the top will make the functions that are available from that tab momentarily appear in a drop-down from that tab. Probably just viewing what commands are available from that tab is sufficient. It shouldn't be necessary to get fancy about making it selectable from that drop-down menu.