suggestion regarding sort order in stats

  1. Howard S. profile image89
    Howard S.posted 7 years ago

    The default sort view for the hub score column is high to low, unless coming from another column, in which case hub score is low to high. For any other column, it is low to high--except for publishing date, where the arrow seems to go the opposite direction from the dates (no biggie). This is inconsistent and requires a fair bit of scrolling back and forth.

    Any column can be inverted, of course, by toggling the arrow at the top. Let's assume that the page is too long to view on a single screen. Column totals appear only at the bottom, and controls only at the top. I would like to see them both top (or both bottom) and the default column sort put the highs there as well for all columns. In the case of publishing date, I take the most recent to be "high."

    There are two things most people will want most of the time besides hub scores for the highest ranking hubs: the hubs with the most page views per period, and the page view totals for all hubs. Since these are both at the bottom, they should either default to the top or (preferably) the sort controls should be repeated at the bottom adjacent to the totals.