Are eBay capsules really worth using?

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    Bendo13posted 6 years ago

    I apologize in advance for asking this again but I think I asked this question in the wrong place.

    I'm curious what other hubbers think about eBay capsules, how much they're making with them and if they even use them at all and here's why...

    I'm loving the new HP ad program... it pays every day because I'm always getting hits to my hubs.  And in fact, I think it might actually end up paying me more than Adsense use to even before the algorithm change.  Which is a big plus!

    But what I'm looking at here is my three big earners... eBay, Amazon and Adsense.  The new HP ad program is here to stay for me... it's a big winner.  But should I keep the other 3? I'm thinking not.

    So far this year eBay has only earned me $23.92 with a very low earning per click... it's sucked in a TON of clicks (some of which convert to zero sales) What would that look like if those were all Google clicks?  I'd say a good amount of money.

    Then we have Amazon.. I've earned $153.80 with them so far this year with a decent earning per click... 3 TIMES what eBay is giving me!  Sure, it sucked in more than twice the clicks compared to eBay BUT I earned more than 6 times the amount of money with Amazon.  So I think I might just hold onto them.

    But let's take a look at Adsense... I've made $162.64 with them so far this year.  And the beauty is there's no commitment for the reader other than clicking... there is ALWAYS an earning per click. 

    In light of recent events I'm seriously considering dropping all eBay capsules from my Hubs and seeing what happens.  If anyone has thoughts on this then let me know.

    Here are my earnings from last year to give you a better idea:
    eBay: $94.20
    Amazon: $160.40
    Adsense: $661.31

    And the new HP ad program is on track to outdo anything I had with Adsense... it only makes sense to drop the weakest link, right?
    (Like I kicked Kontera to the curb ages ago)

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      saveascjposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      that a big earning compare to my earning here, ja ja