HubPages Sponsored Blogs

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    rethansmithposted 9 years ago

    So, I just had this thought and maybe it was a bad one...but here it is.

    What if there were Hub sponsored blogs.  Like (scenario) - JoeSchmoe is a blogger at  All of his blog posts had to do with suchandsuchandwhatnot...JoeSchmoe also hubs frequently about suchandsuchandwhatnot.  So, what if (with the special consent and approval of HubPages) because JoeSchmoe is and expert in suchandsuchandwhatnot HubPages stamped their logo on his blog, JoeSchmoe's blog was added to a "resource/blog/expert" section at Hupages, and in return for the traffic to JoeSchmoes blog HubPage got....(there is the issue - I don't know what the advantage would be for HP...)

    Like I said...This might be a terrible idea.  Then again, it may need refined.  I am not sure you will find this very clear - I will rethink, revise, and repost again if needed.

    You know me.  I love FeedBack!