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Google has its own magazine!

  1. sunforged profile image76
    sunforgedposted 6 years ago


    "Like most companies, Google regularly communicates with our business customers via email newsletters, updates on our official blogs, and printed materials.

    On this occasion, we've sent a short book about data, called Think Quarterly, to a small number of our UK partners and advertisers. You're now on the companion website, thinkquarterly.co.uk (also available at m.thinkquarterly.co.uk, if you're on the move).

    We're flattered by the positive reaction but have no plans to start selling copies! Although Think Quarterly remains firmly aimed at Google's partners and advertisers, if you're interested in the subject of data then please feel free to read on...

    [Download Think Quarterly - The Data Issue (PDF 24mb)]"

  2. frogdropping profile image84
    frogdroppingposted 6 years ago

    Oh ... how awesome.

    You want I pick you a copy up sf? Can send it first class, I have stamps smile

  3. sunforged profile image76
    sunforgedposted 6 years ago

    Im down.

    although - reading it on my droid is working fine right now smile

  4. tritrain profile image84
    tritrainposted 6 years ago

    Um.  I think I'll pass on that one.

  5. sunforged profile image76
    sunforgedposted 6 years ago

    umm - the functionality of the site and some of the tweaks to the pdf are amazing

    ive been staring at page 2 of the pdf on my phone for like 5 minutes entranced.

    bad typography though - like a complete fail - its a print type