There are a couple of reasons now to publish ebooks at Smashwords

  1. bgamall profile image81
    bgamallposted 6 years ago

    This is a heads up to Hubpage authors who are using their content on ebooks. I get no benefit from saying this. But there are two reasons for going with Smashwords.

    1. Your ebooks will be made into apps for all the smartphones because an agreement with Smashwords and Scrollmotion. No one else has that agreement yet!

    2. Smashwords ebooks do not have DRM. So, I have a couple that are doing well at Diesel because 70 percent of Diesel traffic comes from outside the US. DRM makes ebooks territorial so that big publishers are shooting themselves in the foot. They can't sell to many who come to the ebookstores! And big publishers are way overpriced.

    Price the ebook cheaply so these folks can buy your ebook. This is not my ebook but is one of the most successful on Diesel and it is from Smashwords and is cheap: … ion/1.html

    I think you can price between .99 and 2.99 and in some cases 3.99. Books that are non fiction can price a little higher than fiction for fewer words. 

    I do not know how long this window will last regarding selling to a worldwide audience. I am sure the DRM issue will cause the big publishers to be frozen in fear until they realize that they are getting smashed by Smashwords.