Why is my picture broken?

  1. OddDustin profile image59
    OddDustinposted 6 years ago

    For some reason when I look in my photos inside my profile some pictures are showing up as broken links but when I click them it shows the picture fine. I have tried several browsers. Also, when I go to my hub the pictures are not showing up only the broken link icon and the text for the picture. Any idea why this is happening or if it is just a bug? Also I have had a lot of issues with uploads not working and I have to close the browser completely and reopen everything and then it works.

  2. timorous profile image86
    timorousposted 6 years ago

    A lot of us have been having trouble with the photo capsule.  I'm sure it is a bug, but an inconsistent one.

    One thing I've found is that if you're not sure which picture file is the one you want, and you do a quick search on your computer and view the file..then come back to the photo upload screen, it doesn't work.  I have to close down the upload window, and click 'Edit' on the photo capsule again.

    If you don't see the uploaded photo in the hub editor, it hasn't been loaded properly.  You'll have to try uploading again until it sticks.

    I think sometimes the Hubpages servers are just plain really busy.  Trying again at a different time usually helps.

    Another issue that sometimes has an impact is clearing your browser data frequently.  It can really slow the load times of pictures and pages into your browser, if it's clogged with tons of page references.