Microsoft pubCenter Option In Not So Distant Future?!

  1. jacharless profile image80
    jacharlessposted 6 years ago

    This is just a [suggested] thought regarding publisher revenue options through HubPages.

    With the closure of Kontera, the close up of eBay and the inability of others to use AdSense, there is no other revenue option, save Amazon, for new or existing publishers of HubPages.

    Knowing many writers here have either been rejected or disqualified by AdSense, is there -or isn't there- an immediate or forthcoming opportunity for Hubbers to earn via Microsoft pubCenter on HubPages? And two, what about an in-text solution to replace Kontera (like Vibrant Media).

    I say with the understanding/vision in mind of and either-or scenario, with regards to AdSense and MS pubCenter. In short, if one qualifies for both, they can only choose one. If they are rejected or expelled from one, they would have an alternate revenue source, versus having to move Hubs off site.

    I think with over 1MM published articles and 30MM UV a month, this should be a breeze to implement and no doubt attract more bees to the honeypot.
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