another overly promotional question

  1. dineane profile image79
    dineaneposted 9 years ago

    I have one (or maybe two) links to a local news channel in one of my hubs, and I've added another link in the comment section to an update on the story. Conceivably, I might want to add additional links to this site as the story continues to develop. Do links I add in the comments count for the 2-per-domain limit in your hub?


    1. Maddie Ruud profile image79
      Maddie Ruudposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      News sites aren't usually considered promotional, so, like Wikipedia, we don't usually limit the number of links to them.

      Addressing the more general question, if a user is abusing the comments section to add extra promotional links to their hub, that may be considered overly promotional.

  2. dineane profile image79
    dineaneposted 9 years ago

    Thanks, Maddie! Quick and helpful explanation!