Google Trademark Collection

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    sunforgedposted 6 years ago

    The following are some of the trademarks owned by Google Inc. and the suggested generic terms for those trademarks.

    Aardvark™ question and answer service
    AdMob™ mobile advertising service
    AdSense for Content™ program
    AdSense for Domains™ program
    AdSense for Search™ program
    AdSense™ advertising service
    AdWords Authorized Resellers™ program
    AdWords Editor™ campaign management application
    AdWords™ advertising service
    Android™ mobile technology platform
    Blogger™ web publishing service
    Boomerang™ advertising service
    Broadcast Yourself™ service
    Chromium™ operating system
    CitizenTube™ channel
    Claim Your Content™ content monitoring tool
    Closure™ tools
    Connectcommerce™ affiliate network
    Dalvik™ virtual machine
    DART™ advertising service
    DFA™ advertising service
    DFP™ advertising service
    DoubleClick Ad Exchange™ program
    DoubleClick Rich Media Dynamic Ads™ advertisements
    DoubleClick Rich Media™ advertisements
    DoubleClick Studio™ tool
    DoubleClick™ advertising service
    Episodic™ online video platform
    Feedburner™ services
    Feedflare™ service
    Flix Cloud™ video transcoding service
    Flix Engine™ video-encoding SDK
    Gizmo5™ software
    Gmail™ webmail service
    Goog 411™ service
    Google Ad Manager For Advertisers™ advertising service
    Google Ad Network™ advertiser network
    Google AdSense™ advertising service
    Google Advertising Professionals™ program
    Google AdWords™ advertising service
    Google Agency Land™ portal
    Google Alerts™ email update service
    Google Analytics™ web analytics service
    Google Answers™ research service
    Google App Engine™ platform
    Google Apps Connector™ software
    Google Apps Directory Sync™ provisioning tool
    Google Apps Labs™ program
    Google Apps™ service
    Google Audio Ads™ advertisements
    Google Base™ online database
    Google Blogs™ blog search
    Google Blog™ weblog
    Google Books™ book search service
    Google Building Maker™ software
    Google Buzz™ service
    Google Calendar™ calendaring application
    Google Checkout™ payment and billing service
    Google Chrome Experiments™ website
    Google Chrome Extensions™ plug-ins
    Google Chrome Frame™ plug-in
    Google Chrome™ browser
    Google Cloud Print™ web printing service
    Google Co-Op™ platform
    Google Code Search™ search engine
    Google Code™ open source developer site
    Google Commerce Search™ service
    Google Compute™ feature
    Google Content Network™ service
    Google Conversion University™ program
    Google Custom Search™ service
    Google Dashboard widgets™ software
    Google Dashboard™ interface
    Google Data API™ protocol
    Google Desktop Search™ search tool
    Google Desktop™ searching software
    Google Diary™ product
    Google Dictionary™ service
    Google Directory™ web directory
    Google Discover Music™ search
    Google Docs™ program
    Google Earth™ mapping service
    Google Enterprise™ products
    Google Extensions™ for Firefox software
    Google Fast Flip™ service
    Google Fiber for Communities™ broadband network
    Google Fiber™ broadband service
    Google Finance™ financial information service
    Google Foundation™ non-profit organization
    Google Friend(s) ™ newsletter
    Google Fusion Tables™ service
    Google Gadget Ads™ advertising format
    Google Gadget Center™ web page
    Google Gadgets™ software
    Google Gears™ software
    Google Goggles™ software
    Google Grants™ program
    Google Groups™ discussion forums
    Google Health™ program
    Google Image Swirl™ image search service
    Google Images™ search service
    Google Labs™ research division
    Google Latitude™ location service
    Google Listen™ software
    Google Local Listing Ads™ advertisements
    Google Location Alert™ service
    Google Location History™ service
    Google Location Service™ infrastructure
    Google Mail™ webmail service
    Google Maps™ mapping service
    Google Mars™ mapping service
    Google Merchant Center™ console
    Google Message Discovery™ email product
    Google Message Encryption™ email product
    Google Message Filtering™ email product
    Google Message Security™ email product
    Google Mini™ hardware
    Google Mobile Ads™ service
    Google Mobile Updater™ application
    Google Mobile™ wireless service
    Google Moderator™ program
    Google News Alerts™ service
    Google News Timeline™ service
    Google News™ news service
    Google Notebook™ tool
    Google Ocean™ mapping service
    Google Optimiseur d’Espace Publicitaire™ service
    Google Over IPv6™ service
    Google Pack™ software download service
    Google Page Creator™ tool
    Google Patent Search™ service
    Google Personalized Search™ service
    Google Places™ business listings
    Google Print Ads™ advertising program
    Google Product Search™ price comparison service
    Google Profiles™ service
    Google Public DNS™ DNS resolution service
    Google Reader™ feed reader
    Google Ride Finder™ taxi service
    Google Safe Browsing™ API
    Google Safesearch™ filtering service
    Google Scholar™ scholarly texts search
    Google Search Appliance™ hardware
    Google Sets™ set prediction service
    Google Shopping™ price comparison service
    Google Short Links™ shortcut service
    Google Sidebar™ software
    Google Sidewiki™ software
    Google Site Search™ service
    Google Sitemaps™ service
    Google Sites™ program
    Google Sky Map™ mapping service
    Google Sky™ program
    Google SMS™ mobile messaging service
    Google Social Search™ service
    Google Squared™ search
    Google Store™ online store
    Google Suggest™ suggestion service
    Google Sync™ syncing service
    Google Talk™ instant messaging service
    Google Tasks™ program
    Google Technology User Group™/GTUGS™ user groups
    Google Toolbar™ search bar
    Google Trader™ service
    Google Transit™ trip planning service
    Google Translate™ translation service
    Google Translator Toolkit™ tools
    Google Trends™ tool
    Google TV Ads™ advertising program
    Google TV™ platform
    Google Updater™ software
    Google US Government Search™ service
    Google Videos™ video search
    Google Voice™ communications service
    Google Wave™ program
    Google Web Accelerator™ software
    Google Web Alerts™ service
    Google Web Elements™ gadgets
    Google Web Search™ features
    Google Web Security™ for Enterprise product
    Google Web Toolkit™ open source Java software development framework
    Google Webmaster Central™ help site
    Google Website Optimizer™ tool
    Google Zeitgeist™ report
    Google Zümm™ service
    Google صد™ service
    Google अक्षांश ™ location service
    Google 노트™ product
    Google 크롬™ browser
    Google ノートブック™ product
    Google バズ™ service
    Google 定位™ location service
    Google 日本語入力™ input system
    Google 瀏覽器™ browser
    Google 热榜™ service
    Google 笔记本™ product
    Google 网站导航™ product
    Google 问答™ feature
    Google.Org™ program
    Google™ search or search engine
    Googleモバイル 検索メール™ product
    Grandcentral™ communications service
    Hantro™ file format
    Hlášky Google™ service
    I’m Feeling Lucky™ search service
    iGoogle™ personalized homepage
    Jaiku™ service
    Joga™ online community
    Keyhole™ mapping service
    Knol Collections™ service
    Knol™ project
    Liquid Galaxy™ demo booth
    Listen In™ feature
    Mediavisor™ advertising service
    Motif™ add-on
    Nexus One™ mobile telephone
    O3D™ API
    On2™ video compression products
    One Number…For Life™ service
    Open Handset Alliance™ business alliance
    Orkut™ online community
    Pagerank™ algorithm
    Panoramio™ photo-sharing community
    Picasa Web Albums™ program
    Picasa™ photo organizing software
    Picnik™ online photo editing service
    Postini™ email solutions
    RechargeIT™ car program
    reMail™ mobile application
    Ringshare™ feature
    Sketchup™ sketching software
    SPDY™ protocol
    Tattertools™ software
    Textcube™ service
    Universal Search™ vision
    Urchin™ web analytics service
    Vark™ question and answer service
    Vocito™ desktop user interface
    VP6™ video codec
    VP8™ video codec
    Wenwendada™ service
    Wonder Wheel™ search feature
    Współrzędne Google™ location service
    YouTube Direct™ service
    YouTube Screening Room™ program
    YouTube XL™ service
    YouTube™ video community
    Zingku™ service