Dog Food - Cultural Disaster

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    Paragliderposted 10 years ago

    The issue of Ebay ads in the body of the text has been raised before. But this example shows that it is not merely irritating but can be culturally offensive. Remember that dogs are unclean in Islam, and check out the following from my newest hub. This is the sort of 'accident' that can cause a major problem:

    The Holy Month of Ramadan

    Ramadan is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar. That doesn't mean September, (though this year it began on September 13). The Islamic year has twelve lunar months, totalling 355 days. Each month starts on a new moon. This means that Ramadan begins about 10 days earlier each year. The Islamic New Year also advances by 10 days per year (compared with the Gregorian Calendar used in the West). The Islamic year 1428 began on January 20, 2007 and will end on January 9, 2008.

    Dog Food
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    I know Paul E. has said it is being addressed. It can't come soon enough.