I cannot publish my hub, after 6 weeks!

  1. carolyn a. ridge profile image60
    carolyn a. ridgeposted 6 years ago

    Will someone please tell me how to get my hub published?  After all of this confusion, it will probably be the only one I ever write. My scale bar shows that I am either 81 or 91% complete.  I also keep getting the message, "verify ownership" and "add badges".  Will someone please explain these pains to me, as you would explain it to a second grader.  I'm really becoming discouraged. I look forward to your response. Thank you.

    1. Jason Menayan profile image59
      Jason Menayanposted 6 years agoin reply to this


      I'm on staff here and am totally unfamiliar with either of those messages you're getting. You do have one Hub published, and it's the only one in your account. Can you explain a bit more about what you're trying to do (exactly - which buttons are you pressing) and where you're seeing those messages?