Ideas for a HubPages House Party?

  1. melbel profile image96
    melbelposted 6 years ago

    So I've been talking with my friends and family about HubPages lately and they were extremely interested in it, so they signed up. I got three people to sign up and two more who are considering it.

    One friend decided we should all get together and I guess I'm going to show them how to write hubs -- give tips and tricks, etc.

    I'm a terrible teacher and tend to say too much of blah blah and not enough of concise, important information. Do you have any tips for me?

    I will, of course, introduce them to the Learning Center, but they are anxious to get started. What are some topics I should cover with them that will ensure they not only understand how to write a hub, but I don't bore them to tears and make them hate HubPages?

    I've already covered these topics:
    -Don't use copyrighted images
    -Don't steal content (My sister's hub was actually stolen within hours of her writing it... luckily we were able to get it taken down.)
    -Keyword research - One of my friends is now overly addicted to keyword research.

    As my friends have been joining, I've been following them, giving helpful, friendly suggestions on their content. My sister and I live together so it's cake to help her.

    Are there any things that I should make sure to mention at these sort of "meet-ups"?

    The difficulty in these meetups is that we're sort of an odd bunch. I'm the programmer/web developer, my sister the ed-psych major, two people wants to write about homosexuality, one person is a nurse, and one is an amateur photographer -- so a big problem in meeting up is that there are so many topics that people will be writing about.

    Any tips in keeping things relevant for each guest? I'm not the best in managing groups of people (I always worry so much that everyone is having a crap time that I go nuts... plus I'm incredibly shy.)

    Has anyone been to a HubCamp or a meetup? What are those like?