Hub not showing up in category

  1. melbel profile image94
    melbelposted 6 years ago

    I wrote a new hub on the 27th of August and usually new hubs don't immediately show up in their categories, however, my hub showed up in its category within a few days but now it's gone. The hub hasn't been modded or unpublished.

    It shows up under "latest" for me.
    It shows up under "hottest" for its category.
    It does NOT show up under latest for its category (but should as the latest in the category are older than my new hub.)
    It does not show up as best in its category even though my hub has the highest hub score in the category.

    So, it's showing up in its category under hottest (currently 3rd hottest) but not showing up under latest or best. … ngary/5641

    Just letting you know. I know it takes a while to show up in the categories, but just thought it was strange that it showed up for one thing (hottest) but not the others (latest, best.)