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  1. Nancy Gold profile image58
    Nancy Goldposted 6 years ago

    Would someone please help before my Google rage forces me to accidentally throw my laptop across the room! I have spent hours trying to login to my Adsense account. Oops, I appear to have forgotten either my email address or my password. I click on the relevant places to change my password. Now considering the word 'Adsense' is to the left and I am wishing to login to Adsense, I presume the change of password is for Adsense. Silly me for thinking such a thing. No it changed my Google account password. Searching for a way of contacting the powers that be at Google for help were to no avail. Okay so I cannot get assistance, it will now take me a further year to get used to another Google password that I did not want to change in the first place and I want to start writing for this great looking site called HubPages....but can't! Only alternative is to apply yet again for Adsense. I know what you are all thinking...not allowed. Why? Because I already have an account. So I then click....or rather by this stage...bang the worn out keys on my laptop where it says about help when login details have been forgotten. Great at last I will gain access to my account. Unfortunately not, silly me got it wrong again. I cannot submit until I have given the publishing ID which apparently is in the top left corner once you login!!!!! Please will someone help and in simple terms, tell me how I can login to my Adsense account. Thank you

    1. kirsib profile image66
      kirsibposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      if you have google account you can use that.... I have same issue about my Amazon affiliate account, just sent them an email hoping they can help me..