HubPatron of the Arts Contest Winners

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    Simone Smithposted 6 years ago

    Though judging creative work is terribly difficult, we will be awarding prizes in the HubPatron of the Arts contest! Here's where you can see the winners:

    Daily Drawing Winners:
    blairtracy for Love Me For Who I Am
    AryanKumarSingh for Moon Fishing
    shea duane for Girls Choosing Their Boyfriends
    More to be announced
    Happyboomernurse for Grandpa's Call for Help Lands on Deaf Ears
    Kathryn Vercillo for Dear Blanket That Must Be Frogged
    Randy Godwin for A Night In Taylor's Dread
    FloraBreenRobinson for Sherlock Holmes: An Acrostic Poem
    Ercolano for Underage Spanish Dwarf - a true, 'short' story
    Melovy for Blood and Water - A Short Story
    Shadesbreath for Sunrise Epiphany
    Happyboomernurse for Something Smells Rotten on King Street
    oceansnsunsets for Garden Designs that I Like and Want to Share
    Ania L for The Power Of Destiny - Short Story
    Jerilee Wei for Types of Poem Forms - The French Pastourelle Poem
    snakeslane for Diving in the Canyon
    Sarah Darling Road to Photography
    sankari.nayagam for Self-realization - A poem
    Stephanie Henkel for Manatees at Blue Spring State Park Florida
    shazwellyn for Fortune Telling Stories, A Short Story About A Crystal Ball
    sofs for Insect photography - Insect macro photography
    Mrs. Menagerie for How to Use Your Digital Photos to Simplify the Holidays: A Step-by-Step Guide

    Final Winners
    $500, $100, and $50 first, second and third place winners in the Photo Galleries, Creative Writing, and Poems and Poetry categories will be announced on Friday, December 2nd, as will the Smashwords prize winner.

    To see what the contest judges from each category are looking for, view the judging criteria on our official contest page and check out the interviews with contest judges on our blog.

    Total entries so far: 1710

    For full contest details, see our official contest page

  2. Jason Menayan profile image60
    Jason Menayanposted 6 years ago

    There were 1,710 total submissions as part of the HubPatron of the Arts contest in November. The judges overwhelmingly said they were impressed by the quality of entrants, and ranking their choices was very difficult. Looking at the winners, you'll no doubt agree with our judges that HubPages has some truly talented poets, fiction writers, and photographers.

    So, without any further ado, and in no particular order, here are the winners!


    Third Prize: RedElf's Through the Window of My Car: A Poem in Four Seasons - Adagio, Scherzo, Rondo
    Second Prize: Pearldiver's And All the Time That You Are Alone: A Tribute to an Ancient Tree: A Life Circle
    Grand Prize: Tom Rubenoff's Divesting of the Self

    Creative Writing

    Third Prize: Mrs Menagerie's The Boy, the Butterfly, and the Broken Wing
    Second Prize: WillStarr's Wolfer Diggs: A Thanksgiving Short Story
    Grand Prize: Marlin 55's The Agency


    Third Prize: aravindb1982's The beautiful birds of Puttaparthi
    Second Prize: emichael's Music of the Street
    Grand Prize: sarahredhead's Photography: A Living Palette

    All third prize winners will win $50, all second prize winners will win $100, and grand prize winners $500!

    Aaaannnnnddd…..for the Smashwords prize -- the opportunity to have a collection of the author's work published as an ebook by Smashwords, including formatting, cover, publishing and distribution -- the winner selected is: Marlin 55!

    (Simone will contact all winners on Monday about prize next steps)

    Congratulations, winners, and sincere thanks to all those who participated!

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