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My New Hub

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    RUSearchin4Meposted 6 years ago

    Hi all,

    I just published my first hub and am looking for some feedback.  All last week I read about how to blog and get noticed.  Not sure how I did.

    My hub is located at http://rusearchin4me.hubpages.com/hub/H … dComingOut

    Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Randy Godwin profile image93
      Randy Godwinposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Your hub seems to be okay as far as being written legibly with no major mistakes in grammar or spelling being noticeable.  Not sure if you will get much traffic to it though.  Welcome to HubPages. smile

  2. Danette Watt profile image85
    Danette Wattposted 6 years ago

    Hub Pages prefers pieces that are about 400+ words, generally between 400-700 but longer ones can be good as long as you can keep your readers' attention. Also, HP doesn't like purely personal hubs, it prefers informative hubs. You could expand on this hub by having a list of resources for gays and their families to access for help or a list of tips on how to talk to you child about sexuality issues, etc.

    Nice hub though.

  3. habee profile image95
    habeeposted 6 years ago

    I noticed a couple of minor errors with grammar and mechanics, but I'm a retired English teacher. lol. Your hub is interesting, but like Danette said, I think you should add some more information.

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    RUSearchin4Meposted 6 years ago

    Thanks everyone for your feedback.  As I said, last week I didn't know the first thing about writing hubs.  I appreciate your help and direction.