Need Help From Staff - Cant Use Contact Form

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    SOEposted 6 years ago

    My Original Problem: … ster-Guide
    Cached: … &gl=us … ster-Guide
    Cached: … &gl=us … ster-Guide
    Cached: … &gl=us

    Were all unpublished for having duplicate content. These are articles I wrote myself, and while they were originally submitted to Associated Content, they were never published on that site, meaning they were never visible to anyone else or even search engines before being removed and published here instead. The only piece that is not entirely original, is the short quotes denoted in the hubs, however these are quotes from the game itself, and not another writer, that are all rather relevant to the subjects covered.

    Please let me know if these quotes are indeed the problem, or if there is another issue at hand. Also, if they are the issue, then I would be curious as to exactly how quotes from such a relevant source of information should be presented.
    Cached version links are present for others to read, since the hubs themselves are unpublished.


    Also, my new problem as of 5 minutes ago, upon attempting to submit this through the contact form, I was told by the system that I already had contacted several times and should wait for a response. The problem is, I haven't used the contact form for months (and only once), if at all that I can remember.

    Please help. These articles are ranking front page, top spot on Google and I wouldn't like to loose that.

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      sofsposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Email  Staff
      This being a weekend you may have to wait longer for staff response. Best wishes smile