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  1. ProfoundPuns profile image83
    ProfoundPunsposted 9 years ago

    I've tried to find the answer to my question, but I can't. I'm sorry if I'm repeating others.

    On many profile pages, I've seen a box with peoples' hubs listed by topic. Is there a certain number of Hubs you must have to get this display? If not, how do you get this categorized list? On my profile, I only have the box that says "Latest Hubs by ProfoundPuns."


  2. Dottie1 profile image71
    Dottie1posted 9 years ago

    Hi ProfoundPuns......Our profile page has just recently been given a facelift.  I think I just read that you need 15 hubs to get the display of hubs listed by topic.  So if you write 5 more hubs today you'll be on the list tomorrow!  Happy Halloween! smile