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    GDRshopposted 6 years ago

    Hi Hubbers! I am just a nuewbie here and I would really love to hear your opinion on my new hub...

    I wrote about a technical game, Star Wars The Old Republic, and I fear that I might not be able to explain it properly in a non-technical way... can you please honestly critic my writing if i am too technical in my approach? thanks … d-Republic

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      kschangposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Needs a little work in organization.

      The videos are just barely peripherally related to your topic: SWTOR crafting. One was the SWTOR trailer/teaser. The pictures also have very little to do with the topic until the end.

      Your intro about SWTOR took up two full paragraphs, when people searching for "SWTOR crafting" obviously knows what SWTOR is. If you want to introduce SWTOR, write a separate hub about it, then link to it. Get straight to the point.

      You also failed to cite the "prerequisites". It's hidden in several blobs of text, when it could be easily placed in bullet points.

      * you need your own starship  (when does this happen? What level? What quest? Do they differ by class?)
      * you need to get your crew trained by meeting crew trainers (which quest(s) for which class / companion?

      What can be crafted without training? What can be crafted with one, two, etc. training? How many levels are there to train?  Which skills are good, in your opinion? Which skills are good for which class? Which style?

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    GDRshopposted 6 years ago

    hi kschang, thanks for the information. ill try to revise it using your suggestions!