Funniest Long Tail Keyword Searches

  1. marriedwithdebt profile image75
    marriedwithdebtposted 6 years ago

    I am always interested at some of the weird things that pop up into Google's auto fill for search.

    To have some fun, I'm going to be doing a Hub that is essentially an experiment: I'm going to load it up with funny long tail keyword searches and update the post as some of them hit.

    My plan is to just have an intro about long tail keywords, then just list them as a bullet point list.

    Things like:

    "tell my doctor I accidentally sat on it"
    "best barbie costume for boys"
    "how to tell my neighbor I hate his face"
    "what do my farts smell like"

    If you leave some of your funniest imagined long tail keywords in this forum post below, I'll include them. By posting, you give permission for me to use.

    Hope you find this experiment fun and amusing.