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My account is in danger of being flagged or deleted??????

  1. myevilenemy profile image33
    myevilenemyposted 9 years ago

    It shows that my site is in danger of being flagged and I'm not sure what I need to do to keep things going. Newbie here so please if anyone has a moment to help me out I would appreciate it. Let me know what you think, thanks.


  2. dingdong profile image61
    dingdongposted 9 years ago
  3. AEvans profile image81
    AEvansposted 9 years ago

    my evil enemy, you cannot post the second hub you wrote as it is missing an abundance of relevant content. It isn't hub page material as that is more for my space or facebook and hubpages is not that type of place. I would recommend removing the content altogether, so they do not boot you, and also ready what dingdong stated.smile
    Hope this helps.smile

  4. Uninvited Writer profile image85
    Uninvited Writerposted 9 years ago

    They are far too short. You need to write at least 400 words and it should be something people would be interested in.

  5. dingdong profile image61
    dingdongposted 9 years ago

    Add some Relevant Pics, that would help in lengthening the hub and in avoiding the sub-standard flag smile

  6. ngureco profile image83
    ngurecoposted 9 years ago

    Do not worry. Go to hubs, then best. Look at those "best" hubs and you will have a very good idea of what is required of a hub.

    1. weblog profile image57
      weblogposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      That's right. Go Here: http://hubpages.com/hubs/best smile

  7. quotations profile image91
    quotationsposted 9 years ago

    I checked out some of your hubs. I agree with the other posters that the hubs are defintely too short.