Adsense confusion: please advise

  1. Michael J Rapp profile image61
    Michael J Rappposted 6 years ago

    I applied for Google Adsense this morning and things seem to have gone well.  My affiliate code is now applied to my account at HP, and HP is noted as a 3rd party on my Adsense page at Google.  I am now in the state where they tell me I have to wait for final approval as they "crawl my site."

    I have a couple of concerns: I read up quite a bit before applying, and everyone seemed to be saying I needed to use my HP domain address, NOT when I applied.  I was prepared to do this, but at no point in the application process was I asked this info.  I applied through HP.  Does that make a difference?

    Also, Google says I need to apply code before they crawl my site, but I do not need to apply code for adsense to work here, correct?  Will they still crawl my pages, or do I need to ask them to somehow?

    Like I said, everything seems good. I'm just worried I may have missed something.  Since I have been assigned an an affiliate ID, and it has been accepted by HP, should I assume all is well?

    Thanks in advace!

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    Website Examinerposted 6 years ago

    Assume that they will crawl your subdomain. They should know your subdomain as you applied through HubPages. There is no code for you to apply, as you do not have root access on HubPages. Once the account has been approved, there is no code for you to enter into hubs, either, since the affiliate ID that you have already entered once takes care of everything.

    1. Michael J Rapp profile image61
      Michael J Rappposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Wonderful.  Thank you for the info.  I'll just sit tight and wait for them to crawl.