New Catagories and Sub-Catagories

  1. Specialist5 profile image67
    Specialist5posted 5 years ago

    I would like to see a sub-catagory of crafts & handiwork under the ain heading of Games, Toys, and Hobbies.  Hobbies is where I would look for fellow jewelry makers and such.

    Also, how about geneoalogy under Family & Parenting or under Hobbies.

    What about diabetes under Health.

    One last wish.  I'd love to see a major catagory "Military Issue."  That would be a great place for veterans, families/spouses of veterans, veterans organizations and writers with stories, memories and updated information to meet.  Than I could my hub about Military Memories --Tomorrow's Socks in the memories section as opposed to listing it as a short story.  Putting it in this category may help to get more traffic for these types of hubs. 
    Thank you,