Help - Adding modules - what does this mean?

  1. Deborah Martin profile image53
    Deborah Martinposted 9 years ago

    Dear Hubbers

    I have checked my affiliate settings for Google, Amazon and Ebay, and they are all active. Another hubber suggested that I now need to "add the modules".

    Is this the same thing as activating affiliate settings, or is it something else altogether?  If so, how do I go about doing it?


    Debbie :-)

    1. larryfreeman profile image88
      larryfreemanposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Hi Deborah,

      "Add a module" means adding an additional capsule to your hub.  This is done from "edit mode."  For example, here's the sequence for adding an Ebay capsule (an "Ebay module"):

      1)  Go to your hub
      2)  Hit the "edit" link at the top of the page.
      3)  Now, on the top right sidebar, you will "Add More Stuff"
      4)  Click on the icon EBay (you can also click on the icon for Amazon)
      5)  You have added a "EBay Capsule"

      Now, you can move it where you want on the page and configure it by hitting "edit" followed by "save" when you are done configuring it.