What is the proper way to hyperlink my website address in my hub so t

  1. aawitan profile image59
    aawitanposted 9 years ago


    Please teach me the proper way to hyperlink my website address so that it will  work when I click on it.

    My e-mail address:  <snipped for user's protection>
    Phone (cell) <snipped for user's protection>


    Dr. Ariston P Awitan

  2. premsingh profile image60
    premsinghposted 9 years ago

    Its so simple to do, you can hyperlink your website address either in a hub's text or link module. You can also hyperlink it in your profile. Procedure is same. You can do it when you are in edit mode. Click the edit button of your text capsule. Type the name of your website, highlight it and click on the link icon. Remember link icon will be highlighted only after you highlight the text you wish to hyperlink. After you click the link button a pop window will open and in this window you have to paste address of your site. Hope this helps you.