Photo Capsule Not Loading New Photo Descriptions

  1. Dale Hyde profile image83
    Dale Hydeposted 5 years ago

    I was in the process of updating my hub with 11 additional photos to enhance the hub. I included source information, source url and caption on all 11. I saved and published, and the photos were not there. I uploaded the photos again, from my computer, went through the same process with the same results. This was even adding information, saving, publishing and checking, and the first couple were indeed saving and publishing.  Once done, they disappeared as well, and photos I had deleted from the hub, reappeared.

    So, I took a deep breath, now almost an hour into this. Instead of uploading a third time from my computer, I inserted the photos from my album here, on HP. They uploaded to the capsule and looked good. I saved, published, and the photos were still there. I then inserted the source info, the source link and caption. Saved and published and all text added to the photos disappeared, and photos I deleted are still there.

    Now I am wondering what to do.  I have attempted to enhance this hub, … -and-Names

    by giving additional photos and information of hurricanes of the past. Yet I have failed for whatever reason.

    Could someone please explain to me what may be happening? I mean, after all, I have done this dozens of times with no problems, but am at wits end with this hub.

    1. Dale Hyde profile image83
      Dale Hydeposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Update: I was able to get captions on the photos, but no source or source url. I am out of time to keep toying with this. Four attempts to lose the info four times.  I hope this can be remedied for future hubs!