Films of my Professional Insect Drawings: New to Hubpages: Crit Welcom

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    Insect Artistposted 5 years ago

    Hello Everyone,

    I've just started on Hubpages and still learning. I've made films of my professional drawings in progress - basically they're  step by step from start to finish. But what I'm finding is that although I really like the films and think that they're instructive, some of my new floowers have told me that they go too fast or don't have a narrator to explain what's going on.

    I'm linking you to my how to draw a dragonfly, which is really about how to draw their wings: make them look transparent and how to draw in all those fiddly veins.

    I'd like to make Hubs appeal to the more advanced and novice artist alike, so I'd really appreciate some criticism good and bad welcome.

    Drawing a Dragonfly

    With thanks,


    1. LetitiaFT profile image82
      LetitiaFTposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Hi Andrew, I love your drawing. I love animal art in general and have got tickets to see the "Beauté animale" exhibition in Paris next week. I can even boast owning a Paul Jouve engraving and a small Barye sculpture. So when I say I like it, I mean I really like it. I do think the video goes too fast to really appreciate what you've done, however. You might want to slow it down and use a slow dissolve as a transition between stages..
      Also, you say the article is on "How to draw a dragonfly". There are two points here.
      1.) You should call it that. Although I'm relatively new here too and haven't tried it yet, from everything I've read "how to" in a title is a big draw. This, however, leads us to the second point.
      2.) Once you call a hub a "how to", you have to fulfill that promise, or people will click away and that makes your ranking go down. If you describe how you did it, using "you" instead of "I"  (first "you" do this, then "you" do that) it will really help people. This has the added bonus of adding text to the hub, which also ranks it higher.
      Hope this helps.
      An admirer,

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    Dame Scribeposted 5 years ago

    Welcome to HubPages smile I would suggest you speak to Wayne Tully wink he is another artist and does great video's too. He could probably give you some suggestions also smile I thought your video was beautifully done but odd too with no sound. A silent picture? lol  If you don't want to do narrations, maybe write one down and have somebody else do the 'voice' for you wink plus, maybe add more writing along with your video. Just some suggestions. I think you're off to a great start with video's like that.