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    Lexie-Kposted 9 years ago

    I am trying to post a poem and the formatting doesnt work no matter what method I try.  It double spaces everything and when I try to fix the spaces it deletes the html I did.  It wont put everything into a poem or "block" format that I need.  Hub pages needs a better editor that allows us to post the way the reading is intended to look.

    1. larryfreeman profile image87
      larryfreemanposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Hi Lexie-K,

      Thanks very much for reporting this issue.  We are continually trying to improve our editor.  I will take a look at the spacing and "block" format issue to see what's up.

      While you are waiting for the fix, you may wish to use Version 2 of the editor.  This version does not have autosave and does not have many of the features of Version 3 but it may better handle your issue.

      You can switch to Version 2 by going to "my profile", hittiing "edit" and then changing the editor version.

      I will post on this thread when the issue that you raised has been fixed.


  2. Anti-Valentine profile image94
    Anti-Valentineposted 9 years ago

    There are problems with the editor.

    To eliminate double spaces, try superscript or one of the other heading options.

    Sometimes when I have gone through the whole text capsule, editing my work and putting in spaces and then publishing it, all my spaces are gone. I have to go back and edit it again.