Experimental Profile Page - Questions / Concerns

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    Alternative Primeposted 5 years ago

    - A forum Conceived & Commenced in the name of relevant questions, which obviously need corresponding answers, offering constructive criticism, and or expressing legitimate concerns regarding the "Experimental Profile Page" apparently to be rolled out in summer - A concerted effort to help HP Staff create safe, viable, and of course professional appearing layouts -

    The following verbatim excerpt was extracted directly from the latest HP promotional piece via E-Mail -

    "The new profile design, which will become AVAILABLE later this summer"

    The word "Available" typically implies "Optional" - Which leads me to my first extremely important question -

    Is this "Experimental Profile Page" due out in summer according to HP Staff, an "Optional" choice of implementation for each individual member, or will it result in another mandatory conversion for all regardless of unique individual reservations and or concerns?

    If the Experimental Profile Page is indeed "Optional", I would obviously choose to "Opt Out" and continue utilizing the current format which allows unlimited space for immediately visible, critically important Bio info text - Therefore, if it is indeed optional, this would alleviate the vast majority of my concerns and dispatch the bulk of my questions -

    - THX for the Response - A. Prime -

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    Alternative Primeposted 5 years ago

    Constructive Input - Part II

    Genuine Experts & Professionals need un-infringed upon visible text space to express a uniquely individual chronological history of banked achievements and future goals - A resoundingly brilliant showcase of transcending accomplishments of which include, and focus upon, specific attributes and endowments, inherent or learned talents, over-flowing reservoir of knowledge, and of course, highly valuable skill sets -

    Unless annotated within the body of each article published, a "Profile Page" is the only designated virtual parcel within the HP arena unto which this vitally important list of credentials can be transferred and summarized according to precise and personalized articulation by the author, then subsequently published for the entire interconnected universe to read, consider, and ultimately determine the standing of any given individual writer -

    A "Bio" should not be relegated to a subordinate position as compared to any other feature on the currently proposed experimental profile page -

    Why "Hide" and or limit visibility of the most important, essential component of the overall experience?