Veterans of the Armed Forces

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    As Memorial Day approaches, it's important for us to remember those that have gone before us, and to show thanks to all of our wonderful servicemembers for what they do. Many are around us in our daily lives, and sometimes we'll never know, because some don't wish to make a big deal of it. But today, on HubPages, let's get a list going of all the former and current servicemembers. Add any details you like. I'll go first. Remember, details are up to you. I want to see who some of the oldest veterans are and their dates!

    Service: United States Navy
    Job: Cryptologic Technician
    Rank at Separation: E-6 (Petty Officer First Class)
    Duty assignments: USS Eisenhower, USS Arleigh Burke, USS Cape St George, USS John C Stennis, Naval Security Group Activity Hawaii, Commander-in-Chief US Pacific Fleet Headquarters Staff
    Dates: 1994-2004

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