Please give me some feedback

  1. newnationproject profile image62
    newnationprojectposted 5 years ago

    Am new to hubpages and I have published about 4 hubs. I need suggestions on how to increase my traffic

  2. jackcoburn profile image71
    jackcoburnposted 5 years ago

    Hey mate 1st of all I enjoyed your hubs as they focus on topics that tend to be 'swept under the rug' if that's the right term.

    I would that you need to have more words, ON TOP OF THE SITUATION INDEED seemed to only have a couple of hundred of words it's suggested that you use at least 500.

    Maybe backlink your Hubs to other websites/forums that are relevent as this will increase traffic, and increase your relevance in search engine results.

    Hope this helped!