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Largest Collection of Inspirational Quotes on HubPages

Updated on October 16, 2011

Are you seeking for inspiration in a quote? Welcome to the largest collection of inspirational quotes on Hubpages.

Words like quotes have immense power. Many times, they inspire, encourage, uplift and give us another perspective of life when we are open and willing enough to receive it. I've collected, compiled, and categorized ninety two quote hubs from HubPages to help people gain easy access to them. (Okay, okay, I confess I love organizing things too!) Be sure to bookmark this page since I am sure I will be adding more along the way.

What’s more! You will also find Ripplemaker’s Special Collection—Inspirational quotes coming from our dear hubbers themselves. The added bonus makes this hub super special.

Special thanks to all those who have responded to my request. As I have enjoyed reading your hubs (as you all have touched my life in many ways), it is an honor and a pleasure to share your words of wisdom or inspiring quotes to the world. Enjoy!

Collection of Inspirational Quotes


List of Categories

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Love and Romance


Hubber teacherstel
Hubber teacherstel

Inspirational Quote on Arts

“Creating a piece of art entails putting a piece of one’s heart. Art is a product of a loving act and one cannot devoid art from an artist’s heart.”--teacherstel

Hubber Patty Inglish, MS
Hubber Patty Inglish, MS

Inspirational Quote on Books

"Books are a gateway to imagination, knowledge, and freedom; even if a text turns out to be revisionist history or fake non-fiction. People write lies? -- Read anyway. Use the tool to learn to discern and be free. Science fiction brought us to the moon and Mars, so read and see where it takes you. I'd live in a library or bookshop if I could."-- Patty Inglish, MS

Hubber Glassvisage
Hubber Glassvisage

Inspirational Quote about Christmas

“Everything that I associate with Christmas is laughter, warmth in front of the fire with hot chocolate and gingerbread men, spending time with my family away from school, singing and sharing songs with my mother that we rarely hear during the year (except in my car, where I play my Christmas CDs year-round).” –Glassvisage 

"Robert, Jennifer and Bryan, my three children are my main motivation in life. They inspire me to do the best that I can do in everything that I do. And if I fail in something, I can say to them that I tried my best without feeling that I have let them down" – jimmythejock

"You can say anything you want, but it is what you do that counts."--G-Ma Johnson

"It’s not who you know, it’s who knows YOU that matters" – compu-smart

"Happiness is just like riding a bicycle - you must sweat through the uphill before you get to see the view."--funride

"Healing is the act of releasing the power within that forms the essence of our very being --pure love." - dayzeebee

"It never stops to amaze me that all the roads we take in life take us to just where we’re supposed to be.” --Zsuzsy Bee

"Use your brains and become a genius; listen to your heart and love the world, but live with your soul to master life itself."-Kenny Wordsmith

“Back in the sixties, we had a saying, ‘Make love, not war.’ What we didn't know in our youth is that we humans tend to make love a war unto itself. We fight giving it, getting it, sharing it. With time and understanding, hopefully we will all come to know that there's plenty for everybody. There is no shortage of love except that we show ourselves, and that is the most important love of all.” – Shirley Anderson

"On the highway to Hell, love is the bond that connects you to the roads less traveled." -Milla Mahno

"Being a mother is like tending a garden. Some plants need extra care during times of the year, but they will blossom with your love and dedication. Just as a gardener can appreciate his hard work with the passing seasons, so too will a mother be rewarded with the deep, lasting rewards of her care and attention for years to come." --stephhicks68

“Don’t make life difficult. Keep it simple.” – Dottie1

"Heavy weights are to the bodybuilder the way life's trials are to the Believer." --Rob Judnt

"I have always believed in the San Bernardino mountains because growing up there was a place of true beauty and security." –SweetiePie

"If you don't drink and you don't smoke you are healthy when you croak!"-Misha

"Success is how we measure ourselves against who or what we want to be."--Susan Ng

"To teach, one must be willing to learn. To be able to learn is a gift, and sometimes that gift involves opening yourself up to unique ideas and accepting lessons from unusual or unlikely sources." --Julie A. Johnson

Travel forces you to grow, and allows you to see things from a completely different perspective. You cannot possibly know the meaning of the word “drizzle,” until you have stood waiting at a bus stop in Birmingham and been “drizzled on.” -- Mark Knowles

Daisy and Michelle
Daisy and Michelle

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