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Hub challenge in July '09:Again I Would Like Another Hub Challenge in July '09 to Get Huge Site Traffic.Are You with Me?

Updated on July 3, 2009

The 30-Day HubPages Challenge (form May 11th to June 11) was over few days ago. Many hubbers joined that great hub challenge. The challenge was to create 100 or 30 Hubs in 30 days. Many hubbers became successful in that challenge including me. Moreover, some of the hubbers tried their best to finish the challenge. But the great news is that every hubber publish many great hubpages and got great site traffic. Moreover, the earnings also increased with no bounds comparing to the previous months. I, rancidTaste also completed the hub challenge in time. The reward which I am getting from this competition is thousand page views every day.

In this page, I will publish my own hub challenge success. Moreover, I am declaring myself another hub challenge for July '09.

What was the 30-Day HubPages Challenge (form May 11th to June 11)?

The 30-Day HubPages Challenge (form May 11th to June 11) was a challenge to publish 100 hubs or 30 hubs in 30 days. I think, the main aim was of this challenge to increase no of hubpages of every hubbers and the hubpages alone itself. This was really very helpful for every hubbers to publish many hubpages within very short time. The hubbers were publishing pages of pages and share among themselves about their published hubpages. Moreover, they also share their increased earnings also. This hub challenge was really an inspiration including both the old hubbers and the new hubbers. All types of hubber joined here and they become very pleased after joining this competition.

What is my success in 30-Day Hubpages Challenge?

I joined 30-Day Hubpages Challenge after 2 days later but finished in time. I published more than 100 pages during this challenge time. After finishing this great challenge, I found the following success:

  • Huge site traffic: Before I joined the hubpages challenge, I got only a less traffic. When I look Google Analytics, I was really disappointed. But after joining that competition, I see that the site traffic is increasing day-by-day. Starting from that time, I see that the site traffic is only increasing and still today it's increasing.
  • Thousand page view every day: Before completing this hubpages challenge, I only got page views below 100 every day. I was really disappointed when I read the forum posts about the million page views news of others. But after finishing the hubpages challenges, I see, everyday I am getting at least 1000 page views or site traffic.
  • Double or triple the total page view traffic: Before attending the hubpages challenge, the total page views was about 12000 (sorry, I don't remember the actual value). But until today it's trying to touch about 40000. So, I think the total page view is increased the double or triple. This really a great achievement, I think so.
  • Boosting Google AdSense Earnings: Form hubpages, I only try to earn form Google AdSense. I don't try much to earn form other source. I joined in hubpages for about 9 months. If I compare my first 7 months earnings and the 8th month earnings, then I see there is a great difference between this earnings. I don't know why my earnings jump so? I don't want to tell the exact figure but I want to say that the earnings are increased at least more than 5 times. So, hub challenge competition really boosts my earnings and still today it helps boosting.

  • Collecting more fans: During this hub challenge, I also found more good fans. All of the fans are really very good. I am very pleased finding all of the fans in my fan club. I also joined others fan clubs.
  • Making good relation ship with other hubbers: This competition really builds a good relationship among me and others. Many hubbers mailed me and I also mailed others through hubpages and could solve several problems and got several suggestions form other hubbers.
  • Knowledge exchange: That hubpages competition time was a great time to exchange knowledge among all of the hubbers. I learned many tactics during this time. Moreover, I can also read the human mind what they are interested. This really helps me to publish many hubpages withing shorter time. So, finally I achieved and also achieving huge traffic of my hubpages published contents.
  • Preparing myself for future traffic: As I have a great success in this hubpages competition, I set a goal to success in hubpages. My next target is to make the hub traffic double i.e. scoring the page view to 20000 (Twenty Thousand) page views within a month. I am fully determined to do that.

All these are the success in 30-Day Hubpages Challenge.

Why 100 hubs in July '09?

I already mentioned the great success about the 30-Day Hubpages Challenge. Now, based on the success, I decided to take another challenge in this month July '09. I also named it as 100 hubs in July '09. I am fully prepared to take the challenge by myself. I am also expecting that other hubbers will also join with me.

I like to welcome you to join 100 hubs in July '09. I want to set goals for this hub challenge. If you like to join this hub challenge competition 100 hubs in July '09 try to fulfill the following four goals:

  • Try to publish 100 hubs or 30 hubs within July '09.
  • Doubling the hubpages daily page views within July '09.
  • Boosting your earnings three times more than June '09.
  • Making the total page views four times more than the present time within July '09.

I request you to join the hub challenge competition 100 hubs in July '09 and fulfill the four goals.

My declaration

I am fully prepared to join hub challenge competition 100 hubs in July '09. This is the first hubpage for the competition 100 hubs in July '09. I have a wish to achieve the above four goals. Moreover, I will publish the short summaries to the following two sources:

  • Source 1: My Personal Blog [link]
  • Source 2: My Twitter Profile [link]

I think it could give me a great success.

I wish you too join with me in 100 hubs in July '09. At last, wishing all of your success in hubpages...

© Written by rancidTaste


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    • smartboymkt profile image

      smartboymkt 8 years ago

      ya.............i agree wid u

    • meetbrandon profile image

      meetbrandon 8 years ago from Houston, Texas

      Best wishes on your challenge!


    • rancidTaste profile image

      rancidTaste 8 years ago

      In fact I already published 2 hubs by the way. The main reason to publish another 100 hubs by July '09 is that I am experimenting hubpages and another web site. I will explained and told you all about the experiment result at the end of next month including that website name.

    • darkside profile image

      Glen 8 years ago from Australia

      You're crazy.

      But crazy in a good way.

      Don't start yet though. Keep revving the engine and wait until you see what The Hup has in store next.