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Hubpage construction - From keyword to publication

Updated on September 30, 2011

I've been a Hubber for a whopping two weeks, so I guess it's about time to share some of my experiences with the viewing audience at large. Actually, this is more of a personal diary than a how-to tutorial, so if I stray into soap-box territory, I hope somebody will put me in my place down in the comments section. I have a thick skin, so feel free to poke at it a little bit if need be.

Now, let's talk about my process when it comes to...

Building a Hubpage

When it comes to building Hubpages I am clearly not an expert. But you already knew that, because I told you I've been around these parts for about two weeks. Also, when it comes to my Hubs there are generally two kinds to choose from.

A) General, informative hubs like this one, that lack any real direction until they've been finished. Then, I come back, touch them up, try to monetize them in some way and hope for the best. Ironically, these hubs tend to do pretty well with hub scores, rankings and such. Just works out that way, I guess

B) Keyword targeted, heavily monetized Hubs that are geared toward a specific niche market. These require a bit more research and labor, because I'm not an expert in every niche I try to transform into a Hub page. Somehow, somewhere, I stumbled upon what seemed like a good market to delve into, then I try to build a quality Hub around the subject, then see where it goes.

The good thing about both these styles is that I can always come back and edit or add content to any Hub, and I often do. In fact, I can't think of a single Hub I've published that looks exactly the way it did the day I published it. I'm always tinkering, editing, etc. I guess it's just the English Lit/ creative writing major side of me from my college days coming out in full force. This process and mindset has served me well, in that at no point in time while 'working' on a Hub has it actually felt like 'work.'

The Hub you are reading definitely falls into [Category A], as do several other Hubpage related postings I've constructed, and a couple Hubs featuring Winter Olympic themes. You can check them out here if you're interested:

These Hubs were written initially with an audience in mind, as well as being a way for me to create content that isn't completely IM oriented. If all I did was write Hubs based on carefully researched keywords, I'd freakin' go insane. I do enjoy writing, but sometimes I need to write for myself. So those Hubs started out as a brainstorm and turned into something worthy of publication. Most are doing well with Hub score. The Olympic Hubs are quite seasonal, and I suspect they will fall off a bit in the next few weeks.

Keyword targeted Hubs

Most of my Hubs are centered around specific subjects, or 'Keywords and keyword phrases.' That is, there is a very specific audience in a very specific niche that I am targeting, hoping to make a little extra money through the Hubpages monetization capsules available to me.

Step 1: Choose a keyword. Now, this sounds easy enough right? Just choose a keyword and start writing a Hub that has that keyword displayed prominently and frequently, then sit back and wait for some visitors who are interested in that keyword, and Voila! Make money! Yeah, right. Choosing a keyword can be a laborious and tedious activity, especially when first getting started. A year ago i couldn't tell you the difference between a longtail keyword phrase and Whitetail deer. I've come a long way, but I've had a helluva lot of help along the way.

Essentially, creating Hubs centered around specific keywords involve several crucial steps that I'm trying to hone into some sort of reliable formula that I can count on in the future to make the process a bit more fluid and a lot less time-consuming.

  • Keyword research
  • Niche research based on keyword findings, which will help me to write about any possible subject I come across
  • Start building a Hub with specific capsules
  1. (3) Text capsules (2 if I don't care where Adsense ends up on the page)
  2. (1) Video capsule
  3. (1) Poll capsule
  4. (1) News feed capsule
  5. (1) Amazon capsule
  6. (1) Comments capsule
  7. All of these capsules provide content to the Hub, which will go a long way toward increasing the overall Hub score. Rarely will a Hub I've created dip below 60, but we'll see what happens over the long haul
  • Publish the Hub once it's finished, then edit and add to it accordingly
  • Bookmark the Hub at as many social bookmarking sites as I can stand to visit at the time. Eventually, each Hub will have been added to 10-15 social sites, if not more
  • Promote the Hub via backlinks and article submissions.
  • Move on to the next Hub. Rinse, repeat, rinse repeat.

It's important for me to keep this process as simple as possible, and to rarely deviate from the formula. Every now and then, I'll skip a capsule or two, just to test the waters. I don't always add a poll capsule. For a keyword monetized Hub I always add the News feed as the last capsule, below the comments. I don't need the traffic I'm trying to attract for Google Adsense or Amazon purposes to be clicking on a news feed, thus bleeding any potential profits. I can't remove the capsule altogether though, because the News feed provides search engines with the impression that my pages are constantly updating with new content, and I don't yet know how to incorporate RSS feeds into the mix. I understand RSS feeds on a very basic level, but I am in dire need of further training when it comes to certain areas of internet marketing. Baby steps!

I didn't learn this process, nor did I hone these steps by myself or in a vacuum...

I can't take much credit when it comes to any knowledge I now possess when it comes to the IM process. What I will take credit for however is the insatiable desire I have to absorb as much information as my system will allow, and my ability to process and learn from that information.

Over the past year I've been down some fruitful paths, but; I've also kissed some toads along the way, if you'll pardon the mixed metaphors. Where I am now is light-years ahead of where I started, and I feel like it's all because of one particular program that I now use for the entire process that has instilled in me the confidence to continue with the journey. What's beautiful about this Internet Marketing Academy is that I was able to test-drive the process for a measly $1, then if I felt I was learning anything and moving in the right direction for me, then the monthly fee would be $29. Since I can't justify sending monthly checks to somebody who isn't truly helping me, then it's safe to say that Court's Keyword Academy has me heading in a truly positive direction. The information I was able to glean during the first three of the eight core videos was worth the price of admission alone.

Where do I start with this Academy? This is keyword research made easy, completely 'dumbed down' to where I could teach my grandmother how to rank in Google for niche keywords, and she's still trying to figure out Minesweeper on her Windows 98 PC.

Once you've learned keyword tactics, you move right into setting up Wordpress blogs, or in this case Hubpages can be substituted. Setting up and utilizing Google Adsense is also taught, which makes the program perfect for Hubpages, because visitors to your Hubs will be bombarded with Adsense ads, so why not learn how to convert that traffic into extra cash?!

The Keyword Academy training is step-by-step. point-and-click training at it's finest. Nothing is left to chance, and you are given very specific instructions on what to do, when to do it, and time-lines geared toward letting you know what to expect and when to expect it. Nothing is left to chance; The only thing left to do at that point is to complete the steps that are laid out for you in an extremely easy to follow format. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme; There is work involved. But if you're tired of clicking on every promising email that hits your inbox and spending money on programs by so-called gurus, then try the Keyword Academy for one month/ $1. The word guru will never be used by Court or Mark about themselves, as they teach you how make money online. Enough said about that...

Promoting my Hubs

Hubs aren't the only web destinations I manage. I've managed to create a few sites that I will shamelessly link to down below, and the way I promote them is by going out and finding backlinks that allow Google to see just how popular other high PR sites think my sites are. Once again, this process has been trial-and-error, and not always the most fun way to spend my time. I managed to discover a couple linkbuilding packets available in monthly bundles over at the Internet Marketing forum called 'The Warrior Forum.' That's a subject for another Hub, as I don't want to stray into something as in-depth and involved as link-building techniques

I also delve into article marketing, which allows me to place permanent, one-way backlinks in the resource box of my articles. Manually submitting to Ezine sites is tedious and time-consuming, so I automate this process as much as possible. The system I've decided to use is UAW(Unique Article Wizard). More on that as time goes by, because the process is still new to me. A lot of this stuff feels new to me, while other aspects feel like old hat. The beauty is that it's a process, kind of like AA, and there's always one more step to complete in order to move forward.

Monitoring my Hubs

Once I publish a new Hub, I start work on the next. My immediate goal is 50 Hubs, then my ultimate goal is 100. Backlinking to 50 then 100 Hubs alone is going to be a monumental task, so 100 is a nice, round number to start with. The number is huge when I think about it, which is why I sometimes just write a Hub for no other reason than it seemed like a good reason at the time, like my Hub about organ donors. I don't know much about the world of donating organs, but the subject intrigued me at the time, so I took 30 minutes out of my day to throw together a Hub.

Every Hub I've published to this date has been edited, re-edited, then re-edited again, depending on techniques and strategies I learn as I move along the Hubpages path. Hubpages takes a minute to learn and a lifetime to master, at least that's the way I tend to view. It's like the game of Poker in that aspect.


I don't know if any of this was helpful, or if it just came off as a self-involved rant, with some affiliate links thrown in. Yes, the Keyword Academy links on this Hub are affiliate links,and I would make a little money off any sales resulting from purchases made from them. I'm not much into disclaimers, but there's one right there.

Hopefully , if you've read this far, then you got something from this post. As always, I'll be monitoring and editing the Hub as it evolves...


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