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I Made 68 Cents On Squidoo And You Can Too! A Humorous Lens On How I Made 68 Cents On Squidoo And How You Can Too

Updated on January 11, 2013

I Made 68 Cents On Squidoo and You Can Too! A Humorous Lens On How To Make Money On Squidoo.

No, really, I made 68 cents on Squidoo! And you really can too! I will teach you how. This is all the information you need to know on how to build 25 lenses and make 68 cents. This is no scam folks. I promise. You REALLY can make 68 cents on Squidoo. You can work from home doing it too!

(Update-November 2009. I earned $68.31 this month! I told you it wasn't a scam. However, it's no fly by night get rich kind of thingy either. I mean, I built over 50 more lenses since the day I built this lens. And you can't just slap these lenses together with a bunch of cut and paste either. You have to be creative and passionate about doing it to. If you're not, you wont make 68 cents much less $68. Anyway, I'll keep ya all posted on my earnings. Thanks for all of your comments and "thumbs up" (votes)! No, really, thank you because all of your comments and votes helps my lens to grow in the rankings, which means more money! So, thanks! Happy Squidooing!).

I'm going to update this every month so be sure to favor or lensroll me. Well, don't favor or lensroll ME, I meant the lens. See if I reach goal of $1 by December 31, 2009.

  • Jan. 2009 ~ $0.00
  • Feb. 2009 ~ $0.00
  • Mar. 2009 ~ $0.22
  • Apr. 2009 ~ $0.46 (68 cents total...I'm on a roll!)
  • May 2009 ~ What the heck! Here is my message from Squidoo. "Hey, you've got an estimated $0.22 in your Reserve Hopper*, just waiting until your account reaches your Cash Payout Threshold!" Ok so I guess I'm LOSING money now. What happened to my 42 cents from April? I'm building brilliant lenses, have 5 in the top 100 in their catagory, but losing money? Go figure. Hey, you too can lose money......just build lenses like me!

    <3 days later> Another email from Squidoo. "Hey, you've got an estimated $0.46 in your Reserve Hopper*, just waiting until your account reaches your Cash Payout Threshold!" Ok Squidoo, you are starting to drive me craaaaaaazy. Make up your mind! Did I make 22 cents, 42 cents, 46 cents, or 68 cents? Do I need to change the lens title to "I made 22 cents on Squioo and you can too"? If anyone out there knows how much I've made, please let me know!! Thanks.

  • June 2009 ~ It's June and I have 84 cents in my reserve hooper!!! Almost there!
  • July 2009 ~ I REACHED MY GOAL!!!!!!

    My Squdioo earnings were $13 this month!!! Yes, DOLLARS! Not cents, but Dollars! Whoohoo!

  • August 2009 ~ Another $28!!! A total of $41.68 now!! Oh, and I've built 25 more lenses too. I'm over 50 now! Next become a big Squid!

    I'm excited to see what my earnings will be for next month. It just keeps getting better and better...and so are the lenses I'm building :)

    Not only did I reach my goal but after building 50 lenses I learned how to do some pretty cool stuff like turning this text red :)

  • September 2009 ~ My earnings that Squidoo deposited in my PayPal account for Sept was $12.43. (am I going backwards?) The earnings for this month didn't really make sense to me because it seemed like my lenses were ranked even higher than the previous month.
  • October 2009 ~ $23.27! That's more like it

    More good news is that my "15 Things To Do With A Pumpkin" lens was picked for LOTD (Lens Of The Day) on October 20th!...and it was blessed by 5 Squid Angels!! Whooohooo. Even better news....I made "Giant Squid" and received this letter from Squidoo......"We had hundreds of applications this round and really raised the bar in our search for excellence. And you didn't just meet it; you vaulted over it. Thanks for the wonderful work, leadership, and for believing in what you can do here. What now? Well, first, celebrate and do a happy dance." So, excuse me folks, I gotta go do my "happy dance" now. See you all next month!

  • November 2009 ~ My earnings were the highest yet!

    A total payout for $68.31!!! (That's before the % was taken out for the Squidoo charities I donate to). Can you believe that I went from .68 cents to $68?! I have high hopes for next month too because next months check will be for what I earned in October...and in October my Halloween Lenses did very well in the rankings, especially my LOTD lens.

  • December 2009 ~

    This month's earnings were $111.22!!!!

  • HAPPY 2010!!!

    January 2009 ~ My earnings this month....$75.45 Whooohooo! It's amazing that 9 months ago, in April, my monthly earnings total was 46 cents and this month a whopping $75.45. to spend my money shopping on Amazon now. After I do the happy dance of course :). See you all next month.

  • February 2010 ~ My Feb. earnings were $83.92!!!!

    Check out my new happy dance...

  • March 2010 ~ $33.68

    I seem to have had a dip in my earnings this month. I guess I need a few more visitors to my lenses (hint hint). Feel free to twitter this lens... or any of my other lenses :)

  • April 2010 ~ $43.82

    Well, this month was a little better than last :) Ok, I've been on Squidoo long enough and I think I should be making at least $100 or more every month. I have to invest in the time to learn how some others are making $1,000.00 a month.

    Oh, and I earned my "angel wings"....I'm one of Squidoo's 15 Squid Angels now...or at least for the next 3 months. What an honor and treat it is to be chosen! Ok, off to fly around Squidoo and bless some lenses now.

  • May 2010 ~ $38.83

    Sorry for the late update. It's just that I've been so busy flying all over Squidoo passing out Angel Blessings. All that flying, boy my arms are killing me. Ok, now for the update...After my donation to charity was subtracted, I earned $38.83. Whoohoo. I also created my 200th Squidoo lens this month! (the link is further down the lens). My 5-year goal is 1,000 lenses.

  • June 2010 ~ $96.01!!!! Whooohoooo!!

    About $10 of that was taken out to donate to the charities of my choice, so I really received about $86. Not bad :)

    Oh, and more good news is that I entered my "Tips for Preventing Children from Being Kidnapped" lens in the Squidoo "Summer Sunshine Award" contest....and it won!!! So, not only will I receive an extra $99 next month but the charity of my choice will also receive $99, which is the Polly Klaas Foundation. Thanks Squidoo!!!

    Click Here to view my winning lens.

  • July 2010 ~ Holy Cow!...biggest payout yet!! My total payout this month (which was actually for the month of May) was $148.62!!! After charity donations, the total amount deposited in my account was $133,66! Whoohoo!! Additionally, my Tips for Preventing Children from being Kidnapped lens won a Squidoo Sunshine Award...and I received the $99 prize this month in addition to my earnings. Squidoo also gave another $99 to the charity of my choice, which was the Polly Klaas Foundation. So, my combined earnings this month was $247.62! ($148.62 + $99.) I also created a few more lenses and have a total of 236 lenses now! One of my favorite "NEW" lenses is 55 Things That Make My Day. I think I'll go update that lens now and add "getting paid from Squidoo" to the list :)

    Happy Squidooing!

  • August 2010 ~ $101.69 It was really a little over $114 but I have Squidoo take out a certain amount every month to donate to charity.

  • September 2010 ~ $142.68!!

    Holy sheep! This was my biggest payout yet! Well, I actually made more in July but that's because I received an extra $99 for winning The Summer Sunshine award. More good news is that the more I make, the more goes to charity. Through my lenses I was able to donate another $15 this month to the charity of my choice, Three of the charities I support through Squidoo are the Polly Klaas Foundation, Food For Everyone, and The Inner City Scholarship Foundation. Yay for charity! FYI...I now have 284 lenses AND have been chosen to be a SquidAngel for the second time, I've also received a bunch of blessings from other SquidAngels too. You can view them here on my Blessed by a Squid Angel lens. Ok, off to make and bless more lenses...see you all next month. Happy Squidooing

  • October 2010 ~ $142.00! I made the same amount as last month. Am I on a roll or what? What I'm really shocked about is that I noticed in last month's update I mentioned that I had 284 lenses...but now I'm at 425! I didn't realize that I had made 141 lenses in the last month! I must have been Squidooing and making lenses in my sleep! Nobody warned me that Squidoo was addicting. I had a great Squidoo month in October. Not only did I make another 141 lenses, but my lenses ranked really well because of Halloween. I had over 45,000 visitors to my lenses this month! My Halloween lenses did make some money but what's really funny is that the lens that made me the most amount this month was my Pimp My Office Cubicle lens.Someone bought a bunch of printers (I think 6), which resulted in $31 in sales (will be paid for that in Decemeber). I never had a sale from that lens and then all of a sudden BAM! a huge sale.

    Ok, are you ready for the best news of all? I put Zazzle products on my How To Grill Lobster lens and it resulted in an affiliate sale of $300!! Someone bought 106 lobster aprons. Yes folks, it pays to be a Zazzle affiliate and to put Zazzle products on your Squidoo lenses. If you don't know how to do that then visit my Zazzle Affiliate lens for instructions.

    I also received my 4th Purple Star! This time it was for my Breast Cancer Self Examination lens. I also had 4 more people sign up for Squidoo under


    August 2011 ~ Wow, I didn't realize that it has been 10 months since I update this lens! I have a lot of catching up to do. Sorry about that folks. Unfortunately, or should I say fortunately, I've been busy building over 500 lenses of my own and another 300 + lenses for other lensmasters who want Zazzle affiliate lenses, so I haven't had the time to update this lens with my earnings... but I will do it soon. Good news, I'm still making more than 68cents!!

  • September 2011 ~ My Squidoo earnings were $234 this month! That's after my donations to charity were taken out. Whooohoo!

  • October 2011 ~ I received my Squidoo 1,000 trophy for making 1,000 lenses!! I finally reached my goal. I set out to reach this goal before my 3rd Squidoo anniversary. Mission accomplished! My next goal is 500 before my 5 year anniversary. (If you are wondering why Squidoo gave me a monster 1,000 trophy when I only have a little over 500 lenses in my account it's because I've built 1,00 lenses but ended up transferring close to 500 of them to other lensmasters. I've sold some of my lower ranking lenses that I just can't keep up with and I've made about 300 lenses for other Zazzlers who want to promote Zazzle products but dont have the time to make their own lenses)

    In other news... I'm still a Squid Angel and blessing lenses when I'm not making them. I received my 7th Purple Star! The newest Purple Star was for my Zazzle Proseller lens. Well, I'm off to make another lens.... see you next month!

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Read Seth's Books

If wearing a shirt with $$ signs on it doesn't work for you then you might want to try reading Seth Godin's books. Seth is the founder of Squidoo, amoung other great things. Reading his books and lenses are two more things I DIDN'T do, which is probably why I've only made 68 cents in 4 months.

Really though folks, I didn't start building lenses for the money. If you did then I suggest you read Seth's book because some people really are making thousands of $$ a month on Squidoo, I'm just not one of them. Visit Seth's book lens for a complete list of his books. Happy reading!

(Can you believe there is actually a Seth doll! I'm buying one so I can put it on the shelf next to Barbie. Way better looking then Ken, don't ya think? Ok, wait, don't answer that.)

Just a little doll humor here.

Ken or Seth?

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A Special Thanks To......

I just wanted to give a shout out and special thanks to my good friend Coffee! Without him I wouldn't be able to stay up 36 hours at a time making Squidoo lenses that will make me 68 cents! So here's to you caffeine!!

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If you have dollars to spend on $ signs, then by all means please do click on any shirt to purchase from Zazzle.

Ahhhh, The Smell Of Money!

Ahhhh, The Smell Of Money!
Ahhhh, The Smell Of Money!

Music For Your "I Made Money On Squidoo!" Happy Dance

Here is some music to go along with that happy dance you'll be doing once you make your 68 cents on Squidoo.

Once You Earn Squidoo $$ You Can Keep It, Donate To Charity Or Do This With It. Many Options!

Once You Earn Squidoo $$ You Can Keep It, Donate To Charity Or Do This With It. Many Options!
Once You Earn Squidoo $$ You Can Keep It, Donate To Charity Or Do This With It. Many Options!

Join Me On Squidoo....I'll Make More Money If You Do!

If you join Squidoo through this referral link, I will earn $5 once your lenses earn you $15! I can reach my goal (times 5) just from one sign up! So what do say...join squidoo today and start earning money by writing about things that you know or are of interest to you. It's free too!

I'm in! Sign me up now!

(Update August 30, 2009 - 5 people signed up! whoohooo!)

(Updated Sept 8, 2009 - 9 people signed up!!)

(Updated October 21, 2009 - 7 more people signed up. This makes a total of 21 people/referrals)

(Updated November 5, 2009 - 4 more people signed up! The total is 25 now!)

(Updated December 6, 2009 - 1 more person signed up. The total is 26 now!)

(Updated February 13, 2010 - 3 more people signed up. The total is 29 now!)

(Updated April 13, 2010 - 4 more people signed up. The total is 33 now!)

(Updated May 19, 2010) - 2 more people signed up. The total is 35 now!)

(Updated July 15, 2010 - 0 more people signed up :( boohoo .... the total is still 35)

(Updated October, 2010....

Well I found out why I didn't have any referrals from May-October. I thought that was a little odd and so I started asking around in the forums and found out that other people where having the same issue. So I reported a bug report to Squidoo... and sure enough, the referrals started showing up again. Too bad I can't recover the referrals that were lost. Anyway. I had 4 referrals for October (total of 39 now)

So, how much have I made from 39 people signing up under my name, or from my lenses? A big fat 0! That's right, 0. Why? Well, it's because those people have to make $15 from their lenses before I receive a referral bonus of $5. I guess they only made 68 cents too.

Pour Yourself A Cup Of Coffee And Enjoy A Few Seth Videos! Learn From The Master Himself. - Seth Godin, Founder of Squidoo.

Click on any mug to purchase from Zazzle.

You Can Help Me To Make More Money

Your votes on my lens count!

Don't forget to comment or rate my lens... or both. All of it helps to boost my ratings...and when my ratings get a boost, so do my chances of making more money! Don't do it just yet though...wait until AFTER you've finished reading my lens.

Update : Squidoo no longer uses the "star" rating. It's now a "thumbs up" how about giving me a thumbs up after reading this lens. (Only if you think it's worthy of a thumbs up of course)


Here are a few of the many ways to promote your business, products, lenses and blogs. If you know of a good one that isn't listed, please add the link to the Plexo or comment in the guestbook. Thanks!



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Thanks For Visiting!

I wish all of you much success!!!

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      5 years ago

      I am getting pennies but they are not from heaven!

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      Rock Artist 

      5 years ago

      great lens!

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      Shinichi Mine 

      6 years ago from Tokyo, Japan

      That's amazing.

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      Way to go. Hope to be there with you soon.

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      Love ur lens! I just started on squidoo after learning about it in the zazzle forum. Wrote my first lens recently on how I switch to my passion in doodling. Your lens do bring out the potential of squidoo. I hope to write my second lens soon!

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      7 years ago

      Cool lense and I love your title! Very creative! :)

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      Loretta Livingstone 

      7 years ago from Chilterns, UK.

      It was good to read your lens. It has taken me a year to discover that I have TWO DOLLARS and a few cents in my reserve hopper. I just changed my payout amount from 15$ to $1 lol! Maybe I started off a bit too optimistic. Hopefully that will get paid to me in January, but I haven't received any notifications yet. It has, however, got me so excited (yeah! I'm failry easily pleased, lol) and renewed my squid energy. I now wait in expectation of receiving it shortly. Hopefully I will improve up to your levels - eventually. It's good to see I'm not the only person who gets excited over small amounts. After all, great oaks grow from small acorns. Thank you for your informative lens.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      This is an exxcellent lens. It is full of helpful information. Thanks for sharing.

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      7 years ago

      Really informative thanks, and fun too!

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      mouse1996 lm 

      7 years ago

      Inspiring and impressive what 68 cents can turn into.

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      Sara Dowling 

      7 years ago

      I sure hope the Southern California Pomeranian Rescue appreciated that 68 cents :)

    • cbjones profile image


      7 years ago

      Didn't know what to expect upon seeing the title for this lens. Would it be satire, would it be bitterness. It was fun and inspiring. I'm inspired enough to write down a few ideas for lens I have in my head, and quarterback how I'm gonna type them up when I get the time to do so.

    • Cathy Lemke profile image

      Cathy Lemke 

      7 years ago

      this lense is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! great tips, also very humorous! i'd LOVE to be able to be as indepth with lense writing as you are! awesome work:)

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      Fun lens. Glad you're making more than 68 cents these days :)

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      You made me laugh. Great lens and congrats on your success

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      great idea for a lens, good fun!

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      7 years ago

      have read it AGAIN! you deserve a happy dance from everyone, sire..! respectful respects ((bow)) ;)

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      7 years ago from Christchurch, New Zealand

      Loved your lens...and wow so many other lenses too! Busy, busy!

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      Hilarious! Shows how far a good sense of humor can take you. But some really great info here, as well. Thanks for sharing your insight.

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      your lens gaved me a reason to keep squidooing.

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      Really enjoyed

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      7 years ago

      Great lens I'm still trying to make $.01 on squidoo :-) a squid angel would sure help ;-)

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      7 years ago

      Great article and great sense of humor =) I enjoyed reading a realistic tale about the sort of payments to be expected hereand all the hard work that goes into earning then. I'll be looking forward to my first $.68! (Looks like I should start by writing some lenses. Woops.)

    • MGuberti profile image


      8 years ago

      Wow. How do you get the donate button? I need to know!

    • greenmind profile image

      GreenMind Guides 

      8 years ago from USA

      Truly an epic tale. Inspirational and intimidating in equal measure.

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      8 years ago from McLaughlin

      I love your animated graphics! How do you do this???

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      Fay Favored 

      8 years ago from USA

      Had to come back and show someone this because it just made me laugh. They wanted to know where you get your animated graphics. Looking forward to my first .68 also. This was fun.

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      Hopefully I will make 68 cents soon!

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      8 years ago

      You have a great sense of humor. Loved reading this lens. So inspirational. I just started on Squido. I have published 3 lenses so far and hope to do a lot more. Thanks for sharing. This has given me renewed hope.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      WOW. Very nice lens!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Love it. I made a few lenses a while back but when I received a surprise payout I thought that it was time to update them and create some more. Money is such a motivator. Well done on your achievements.

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      8 years ago

      Love this lens! Lots of good info and you are very funny :) Squid-liked

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Very fun lens, loved it :)

    • flinnie lm profile image

      Gloria Freeman 

      8 years ago from Alabama USA

      Hi thanks for all the info,you sure did put a lot in this lens.I am new hear,I enjoyed making my lens.I know it take a lot of time to put a lens together and to make as many as you have wow.I would like to make more lens and money, after reading this I have hope.Happy New Year.

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      Joan Haines 

      8 years ago

      Wow! You packed a lotta lens in this lens.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I love this lens...lotta fun! I've been with Squidoo about 4 months now and I made money for the first time this month - 42 cents! I was so excited to see it. Here's wishing you all the best.

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      niceman91 lm 

      8 years ago

      I started on november 2011, so my first earning ill be on february 2012.Hope i will make few bucks on my first payday.wishing you all the best! :)

    • Blackspaniel1 profile image


      8 years ago

      Yes, we all start with a small amount. But, as time goes on, we learn, correct, and grow.

    • BLouw profile image

      Barbara Walton 

      8 years ago from France

      I'm still much nearer the 68 cents mark, but I suppose we live in hope? Love your little graphics!

    • Ann Hinds profile image

      Ann Hinds 

      8 years ago from So Cal

      Great title that caught my attention. I would love to buy one of the books or the "Seth" doll but I need to make more than $.68.

    • Virginia Allain profile image

      Virginia Allain 

      8 years ago from Central Florida

      I just wanted to tell you how much this inspired me back in my early days on Squidoo. As the first few $0 paydays rolled around and then a few months of pennies, I felt I must not be a very good lensmaster. Then I found your lens and it reinvigorated me. I have over 400 lenses now and going strong. Thanks for getting me past my early days of doubt.

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      lucky izan 

      8 years ago

      thanks for sharing, it's very inspired me

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      Thanks for sharing your info!

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      Beverly Rodriguez 

      8 years ago from Albany New York

      .68 cents sounds like a lot of money to me.I would be happy just to get some views on my lenses.This lens is so funny and informative, loved it!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I am just getting started, only about three weeks in and I hope at some point I make .68 cents :)

    • kjbranch77 profile image


      8 years ago

      Thanks for sharing!

    • TransplantedSoul profile image


      8 years ago

      I'm still waiting to break the $0.01 mark. There are lots of ways I can improve.... So patience is the name of the game.

    • Rhidawn profile image


      8 years ago

      I've not made any kind of cents from squid or zazzle..but i have a blast making my products and lenses...great job

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      No $$ yet but I just started, thanks for the informative and FUN lens!!

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      Shivani09 LM 

      8 years ago

      Very impressive! I love your lens! Makes me want to try harder

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      8 years ago

      I haven't earnt a dime on squidoo yet? and not much more on zazzle after 7 months of hundred's of hours of works. Great lens very inspiring, I feel enlightened, not sure it me, but I'm still going to give it all a go for a little longer.

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      8 years ago

      I hope I can generate that kind of money in a few months. Impressive.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Ha ha! I have had a good laugh with your lens. Great sense of humour. I do not think I am patient enough to work like you do to make my big pennies. I have made $1.46 during two years with one lens not touched over all that time :-) It's too much time consuming, somebody is making really big money while we are trying to get some tiny$ 1. It's for people who have nothing else to do I guess :-)

    • bhthanks profile image


      8 years ago

      you've got lots of great lenses!

    • JoyfulReviewer profile image


      8 years ago

      I've just gotten started with Squidoo. Thanks for your progress journal and tips.

    • marigoldina profile image

      Heather B 

      8 years ago

      You're certainly an inspiration! I've earned .38 cents - a good start since I only really started working on my lenses a week ago! :)

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Just built my first lens, so hoping for more than 0.68 cents!

    • RavenRunner profile image


      8 years ago

      I've made... $0.02. Really.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      WOW - there is SO much going on in this lens - everyone should read it! Great job on all of your hard work and the colony of lenses you have written. I only have two so far; still trying to figure out if I want to just use this for branding or step out and get creative with some stories I have......

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      8 years ago

      Love your lens! I found it quite humerus and enjoyable. Thanks for sharing!

    • katemiya profile image


      8 years ago

      That's a lot of piles of 68 pennies!

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      8 years ago

      Funny lens, thanks. I just started using Squidoo a few weeks ago an I have a whopping 41 cents in my account. I cant wait to get the cash.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Wow, your lens is so funny! So inspiring! Definitely Worth reading!

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      tenraj lm 

      8 years ago

      I was at the verge of giving up. It is good that I found your lens before I gave up. It is encouraging. Thank you a lot.

    • postingbits profile image


      8 years ago

      I know it could be viewed as being nosey, but I like to read about the success of people on squidoo and other platforms. Especially when they show their earnings :) Thank you.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I came across this lens when I first joined Squidoo and have even remembered it with a smile. Just discovered it again ... It is delightful as it was then!

    • yayas profile image


      8 years ago

      How could I NOT sign your guestbook? I have had so much fun while reading your lens. Now, I'm off to make my own 68 cents. Look out, world... here I come!

    • Linda Pogue profile image

      Linda Pogue 

      8 years ago from Missouri

      I loved reading this lens. To some extent, my Squidoo journey has been similar, though much slower. I am on the fast track now, though. Thanks!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I've read it through 3 times. LOL Thanks so much for sharing your Squidoo Journey. Billion Likes!!! I am now more motivated.

    • manchester lm profile image

      manchester lm 

      8 years ago

      Brilliant lens! Made me laugh out loud... which would have been fine were it not for the fact that there is something very sad on TV as I am reading and people are looking at me like I'm insensitive.Oh well.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Awesome lens. It gives me a little hope. I have not yet made one red cent on any of my 27 lenses. Are they that bad? :( Seeing how you progressed gives me hope. I'll keep plugging away - and smiling! Thank you!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I have to agree-- I'm totally blown away! This is such a great lens and I love your style-- and humor.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      WOW. Blown away and MOTIVATED to make a billion lenses. (Okay, we'll start smaller...) But YAY. Love your style and Congrats on your success. And thanks to Pabs for sharing this with me :) WOW...I know, I said that already, but this lens deserves it twice :)

    • pablina31 profile image


      8 years ago

      This lense is AWESOME. The best lense I have come across so far. Funny, inspirational, cool to look at, interesting, informative. Just brilliant. Thanks. :)

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I finally made .28 cents and got all excited. Thanks for the tips on how to make money. I have been wondering and searching for months now on how to get a module on my lenses for people to sign up for Squidoo but I can't find anything. Any ideas? Thanks for sharing what you have. It's appreciated.

    • hysongdesigns profile image


      8 years ago

      Thanks for a good laugh! I've done a bit better; joined May 20th 2011 and built my first lens, Artists that Paint on Stone, which was LotD on June 16. And somebody bought something through the Amazon module so I have 60 cents waiting to be paid out. ;-) But more than anything I am having a great time here on Squidoo!

    • hessa johnson profile image

      hessa johnson 

      8 years ago

      Thanks for sharing your journey!

    • CreativeButterf1 profile image


      8 years ago

      Wow! Sounds like you're really getting somewhere! I'm glad you're doing so well! :D

    • Tiggered profile image


      8 years ago

      Great! No wonder you're way past 68 cent mark :)

    • Tiggered profile image


      8 years ago

      Great! No wonder you're way past 68 cent mark :)

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      This lens lives up to its title its fun and very informative, makes for fun reading and keeps you glued to what you have next to say.

    • akumar46 lm profile image

      akumar46 lm 

      8 years ago

      This lens is really a fun to read,though there are lots of serious tips for making money.....on Squidoo.Thanks.

    • Kandy O profile image

      Kandy O 

      8 years ago

      This lens was like a 5 hour energy shot! I love it! I actually don't add products to my lenses anymore, but I had no idea about the donation protocol. Thanks!

    • mattseefood lm profile image

      mattseefood lm 

      8 years ago

      This is fun! hoping to earn some money in the future too :)

    • blessedmomto7 profile image


      8 years ago

      Really fun lens. I actually made about $5 my first pay.

    • Diana Wenzel profile image

      Renaissance Woman 

      8 years ago from Colorado

      Still working for my 68 cents. Your lens made my day. Do you make extra money for that? No? It's just not right. Celebrating your success and hoping it rubs off on me. Maybe need some mojo from that Seth action figure.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      The perfect, and very funny, antidote to the make a million before breakfast mob!

    • pastorkayte profile image


      8 years ago

      Funny, Funny, Funny and your happy dance is awesome. You go girl, my first amount was .29 cents. Kool huh.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Thanks for a lens that's both very funny and inspiring! No wonder it's been honored! In two paydays on squidoo, I've made a little more than 68 cents (but not much!) However I plan to keep on keeping on, creating more and better lenses, and reach my goals, too! I'll use some of your tips to help me do just that!

    • masz09 profile image


      8 years ago

      Wow, a great lense, and congrats on ur earning. Inspired me to work more. Thanks

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Great lens! Very informative and entertaining :)

    • Retro Loco profile image


      8 years ago from USA

      Fun and unique lens. Thank you for sharing your earnings stats with us!

    • oktalBlizzard profile image


      8 years ago

      THE most fun lens on squidoo!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      One of the funnest and most entertaining lenses!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      This is a very encouraging Lens for someone who is just starting out - admittedly, I have a bit of Lens ADD, I still need to work on a few of mine to fine-tune them, but all things in time!


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