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Bikerministry Lensmaster is Judy Cockrum.

Updated on November 18, 2012

I'm Judy Cockrum Wife of Biker Chaplain Russ Cockrum.

My husband and I are founders of a USA national motorcycle ministry called HonorBound Motorcycle Ministry.

You'll find that many of my writings are emotion packed, and written from the heart.

I love people, I love telling people about God's transforming love in my life, and I love how God sets up divine appointments for us to minister to others.

Hundreds of Christian motorcycle riders in the USA, and some in other nations, wear the patch and minister to bikers in their home area.

Isaiah 57:14 "Build up, build up, prepare the road!

Remove the obstacles out of the way of my people."

I love to write.

I've been published in a periodical. I've written an extensive list of future topics for my "bucket list," many of them include photography or writing. I'm adding them pretty regularly here on Squidoo.

I have big plans.

The way my husband and I make a living is unique.

We travel the USA on two motorcycles. Sometimes we do trailer them to keep a tight schedule. We speak in churches and at events. Then we travel to motorcycle rallies, races, biker Sundays, bike shows, motorcycle dealership events and bike nights at restaurants and bars. We keep our integrity, but enter the world of motorcyclists and get to know them over time.

We have prayed with bikers, counseled them, performed weddings at events, and been called on to preach at biker funerals.

I have other interests.

First of all family. We are thrilled when our schedule takes us near Denver where one of our sons lives, and our other son and his family live near our home in Indiana. So, if we're home for a few weeks we fit in special time with the grandchildren, and our son and his wife.

I am a fiber nut.

If you've never met one, just keep reading. I knit, crochet and weave. My knitting really took off about 4 years ago when I started knitting and felting handbags. I have a blog that follows that process and I've written some patterns here on Squidoo.


My first job was a clerk at a public laundry. I washed strangers clothing, did the dry cleaning and basically swept, mopped and cleaned the machines. I made $.75/hour at first but was bumped up to $1.25/hour after I was trained.

My next job was at the college where I learned Data Processing. Now I'm really dating myself. Yep, it was back in the card punch days. For those who have a computer science major, I know you've seen pictures.

I worked a series of jobs in computers, quit to work at a day care when my sons were pre-school and early elementary, so they could be with me at work, then went back to school and back into computers. I introduced the first "PC" to the Bible college that my husband attended. I worked 32 years.

So, I grew up with computers. Started in Community College in the 60's and ended up growing right along with the industry.

But now that I've been riding my motorcycle for 12 years and have farmed out our web page for our ministry, I have some catching up to do ... thus Squidoo!

3 Sisters - Yes, I'm the middle sister.

3 sisters
3 sisters

Many say that the middle child has issues. Well, this is true. I do. I have issues with always having to be the peacemaker. Keeping my older and younger sister apart took up a great deal of my childhood. Now we all 3 fight to get time together.

This photo was taken on our baby sister's first day of Kindergarten in Indianapolis. A few days later she fell ill and we went to school without her for several years. She was transported to a special needs school in Indy once she was able to return to school.

Because of her illness, my older sister and I spent the summer between my 1st grade and 2nd grade in Illinois with our Grandmother. It was an adventure, but we were so worried about our sister.

The story behind this picture, is that the whole year I was in Kindergarten I could not wait until 1st grade because I would be ushering my baby sister to school and home for lunch. The disappointment of not having that responsibility returned to me many years later. I never dealt with that disappointing blow. I had watched my older sister in 1st grade come home and show me and my Mom everything she did all day long, and talk about being the teacher's helper. I was in Kindergarten and she ushered me there every afternoon after her lunch.

She was gravely ill for a long time. Our entire family dynamic changed with her illness.

I'm a Squid Angel
I'm a Squid Angel

You can write on Squidoo, too.

Become a Squid Angel, too. Squid Angels find great lenses and bless them.

I write on Squidoo. You can too!

What do you need? Register with Squidoo and you will be coached step-by-step on setting up your first several free web pages. Be real, honest and use your own expert content and you are off writing on Squidoo.

Here's a link to get started writing on Squidoo.

You can buy about anything on Amazon. - THAT'S WHY SQUIDOO WRITERS PREFER AMAZON!

Thought I'd like to have some relics of my former careers on hand.

Do you know the meaning of your name?

My parents say:

I was an observer.

I learned from my sisters' mistakes.

I was hardly ever in trouble.

I was constantly bringing home friends, strays, animals, fallen baby birds.

I loved kids and started babysitting at the age of 10.

I gave anything away if someone showed an interest in something that was mine.

and I was a peacemaker.

The meaning of the name Judith is "Peacemaker."

My name is Judy - Peacemaker - And Some Things My Parents Tell Me About My Nature

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    • Wednesday-Elf profile image

      Wednesday-Elf 5 years ago from Savannah, Georgia

      My name, Patricia, is the feminine form of Patrick, which means 'Nobleman' ... Hmmmm. :) Enjoyed learning more about you.

    • bikerministry profile image

      bikerministry 6 years ago

      @ajgodinho: Thanks for commenting earlier this month. Sorry for the delay in my response. I think priceless is a great meaning for a name. We are all priceless in God's eyes.

    • ajgodinho profile image

      Anthony Godinho 6 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      Nice to meet you here and get to know a little more about you. Looks like you lived up to the meaning your name "Peacemaker"...that's wonderful! The meaning of my name is priceless and I don't believe I've lived up to blessed! :)