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mbyL's Updates Hub- for my dear Followers, Readers and anyone else

Updated on January 24, 2014


This is a special hub I decided to do for my followers.
In this hub, I will always tell you what my future plans are of new topics, which hubs will be published in the next week or when I will not have the time to do a lot of hubbing and so on. And if I find a remarkable interesting hub, I will also insert the link of it in my updates hub, so you can read these outstanding hubs too. Or any other thing I would like to share will be here to find.
On the side, there should be also a link to all of my opened index hubs, so my lovely followers can navigate better through my hubs, because its undeniable that the amount of my hubs is getting more and more hehe. The other box is an info for my literature hubs, on which I am working.
I hope this will be informative to my followers and of course, you can always share it with your followers etc ;).

-mbyL / Slaven

UPDATE 24.01.2014

Some of you might have noticed that I have written some hubs in the last few months.

There will be more hubs from now on more regularly like every week.

I will now focus on herbs, meditation and maybe also a bit history, we will see.

See you guys!

UPDATE 17.8.2013

After nearly 4 months, I have returned to HubPages!! Yes, yes, I was away for a very long time due to school and right after my finals I moved out, which took a month and I am still not done with the new appartment resp. moving in! Mainly due to too little money haha.

Maybe some of you noticed that I've already published several hubs in the last few days. Yes I am really back! Right now, there should come some new summaries of some books which I read, but afterwards, I will continue with a very interesting topic, which has been part of my life for some time now! Binaural Beats, Meditation and more! Yes, my dear followers, many, many new interesting hubs are on the way!!

You shall hear from me soon.

UPDATE 27.4.2013

Lately, I have been very inactive on HubPages. The reason for this is simply school. My finals are coming closer and closer and right now, I have some weeks off till the 6th of May. In that time, I ought to read about 10 books for my oral finals in German, French and Russian. I will also have to prepare my first notes for my oral finals in maths and history, too, so I am quite busy right now. I hope to finish all my books (5 are remaining) by Tuesday. I want some time for pure relaxation hehe. And in that time, I might also publish a hub or two! I have started some hubs, but none of these is close to be published.

Sorry for my inactivity lately! In summer, I will take a year off anyway, before I start with university. This means: a WHOLE year, where I have practically no obligations and LOTS AND LOTS of time for HubPages and other things!!


UPDATE 17.3.2013

I'm not dead. I am still alive haha.

I just want to say that I will publish some more hubs next week (hopefully). Also, I will be away for about two weeks in 6 days. I also started a new hub which is devoted to new hubbers here on HubPages. I hope that it will turn out to be successful and help many new hubbers. You can see it on my profile.

So yeah, school has been keeping me quite busy and next week I will have 7 damn exams. Well, well, soon I will have spring break anyway. Which I will use to hub ;). Cya guys!!

UPDATE 28.2.2013

An early update in the morning. I think I will quit my hub challenge. I could have done it actually, but I have to take care of other things first plus there are some exams next week coming. I don't want to say my challenge is over - maybe I can do something over the weekend.

UPDATE 24.2.2013

I just came back from a short trip to Germany. Man, I have to catch up with some hubs... I actually have a plan b. I have in some form or other like 10 hubs prepared, just not in English. I don't want to push myself to this and think O Gosh I gotta still publish 5 hubs and do this and that. I will take that easy. So, yeah, I will see what I can do in the next few days.

UPDATE 20.2.2013

So far so good. 4th hub done. 100 hubs reached!!!!

Until now, I posted everday an update. I will now do an update every now and then and link all the hubs.

UPDATE 19.2.2012

Hmm.. It's midnight now and I have to wake up tomorrow quite early. Today, it was a bit hard to write my third hub in this series. I was quite tired, because I slept less than 5 hours, but these are the obstacles in such a challenge I guess.

Suprisingly, my third hub is not a biography of Sartre as I said it yesterday. I continued my quite weak psychology (depression niche after nearly a year).

Here you go with a self help guide!

3 down, 27 more to go!

UPDATE 18.2.2013

Second hub in my 30/30 challenge. Like the last one, it is an analysis of the play "Huis Clos". But I think this is also the last hub to this series. A biography of Sartre should come tomorrow. Also, I will share my updates hub with you every three days or so. I don't want to spam you everyday.

2 down, 28 more to go!

Oh, just two hubs more and I will get the 100 hubs accolade!! ;)

And you might have noticed that I linked my english index hubs, by the way.

UPDATE 17.2.2013

Just a small update. I think I will participate in a 30 hubs in 30 days challenge. And I will, of course, try to make as many stellar hubs as possible. So yeah, I start today and ends on the 19.3.2013.

I don't want to say I am totally going to make it, because this would only mean unnecessary pressure for me and I have to take care of other things. But I will give my best!

Here is my first hub in my second 30/30 challenge.

One down, 29 more to go!

UPDATE 15.2.2013

Hello guys! I just want to drop some words on what I am going to do next.

So, my holiday are soon over in a few days and this means lots of school non sense to do! But I think will have more time this semstre + I don't work on Saturdays anymore, so there will be surely many many hubs on literature in the end.

And I will be also opening a new niche! I had this in my mind for a long time and yesterday I think I did an overview of all the topics I am going to cover. The niche topic will be about meditation! So look forward to it if you are interested in this hehe. There will be about 18 hubs on this topic I think maybe also even 20, we'll see. I am pretty excited how this will turn out, but I can't tell sadly when I will be publishing these hubs. Most probably, I will alternate with literature and meditation hubs.


PS Don't forget the joy of sharing other hubs ;). I have read an interesting from a hubber, but I can't find it. I will link it here as soon as I find it, though.

UPDATE 6.2.2013

HOLLLIIIDAAAYYYS!!!! Finally, I have two weeks off from school. Man, this semestre has been reeeaaally stressful, but now, a new one begins and I can finally calm down.

I have already published two hubs and there will be certainly more hubs coming!

I still have some things to finish on my to-do list, but nothing major. I will use this holidays for drawing and other things I enjoy doing, but didn't have time for. I will also sign up for university this or next week. I'll be stuyding at the ETH!! Perhaps, I will write a hub about the ETH too, so you actually now what a prestigious university it is. It's often said to be one of the best if not even the best in Europe (if we neglect England's universities).

Anyway, I will have to chill in these holidays and just rest. Just rest.

Sorry for everyone who was expecting me to publish lots of hubs on literature. But who knows, two are already published and there might be coming a lot more in these holidays too! If not, then after the holidays for sure.

UPDATE 23.1.2013

Hello everyone! This Saturday, I will have finished my scientific papers I have been working on since last summer and I will have held the presentation about it. After this, there is a special interdisciplinary week in my school and then, I finally have school break... after so much stress at school>.<.

You can imagine that in these two weeks I will do lots of things. I will actually read quite a lot for my "Matura" and you can be sure to a zillion percent that I will massacre you're e-mail inbox and your front page with newly released hubs of mine. On literature! German (and maybe French and Russian literature too) to be more specific! I saw that HubPages only has like 15 in that category. I will change that ;). To all literature lovers out there: You have something to look forward to! :D

UPDATE 11.1.2013

I am back! You might have noticed it that I have published two hubs a few days ago, but now, I am back for real. I will stay quite inactive, though, leave a comment here and there and publish some hubs. I might publish more hubs in February, because I have school break and more time. They will be on literature most probably.

I have read the play "Stella" by Goethe and I am reading it now a second time, analysing it. It is just so great, so breath-taking, so heart-touching!! I recommend "Stella" to everyone, who is truly in love!! The sheer thought of this play nearly makes my eyes become wet!

I already wrote a summary and there will be analyses also. And by the way, I am going to publish a new hub tomorrow. But on a entirely different topic!

UPDATE 23.12.2012

Just a quick announcement. I will be away from the 26th to the 6th of January most likely. Maybe I will have the time to publish a hub or two before it is the 26th of December.
Did you have a drop in your traffic? Another update of Google... But they are actually good. Everytime I have recovered from these updates, I had more views than ever before without having published a significan number of hubs during my traffic recovery. Content is King - it's true. ;)

UPDATE 17.12.2012

It's been a long time I wrote a new update. I still don't have much time, but it should change next year (hopefully).

One reason for the lack of time was my final work in school. It has been so tedious and had to correct it over and over again and didn't get anywhere. And in addition, there were also personal issues that kept and keep me quite busy. This Friday, I will have to hand in the final version of my work and then it's over. Maybe I will be able to hub more, but I am not quite sure, because of my Matura (I graduate next summer and will have to read 20 books in German, French and Russian in overall + learn everything from the last two years in Maths, French, German, History and more I think).

In German class, we started reading Faust, the first part of the tragedy by Goethe and it is absolutely genius amazing!!!! ;D

UPDATE 29.11.2012

I don't have much time, but I want to drop some words.
I was absent for a long time and my return is still unknown. But I wrote some hubs (around 3) which I want to publish as soon as I can. I know it takes only about 15-20 minutes, but you must understand, that at the moment, other things have a higher priority.
I will be away this weekend and while I am waiting for my flights I might write a hub or two ;). If at all, it's going to be on complex numbers.

Lately, my traffic has increased by about 80%! For some time, many hubbers were complaining they were getting less traffic since one of Google's updates, but it seems that HubPages has finally solved this issue and we (or at least me) are getting more traffic than before.

Stay tuned my dear followers and Keep Writing!! ;)

UPDATE 4.11.2012

It's almost midnight and I will now take a break from HubPages. You might have noticed that I wasn't publishing a lot anymore since I got back from vacation.

I think I need some time to find back to myself. HubPages was a hobby of mine, but it sadly got more and more of a burden, because I couldn't catch up with all the other things I had to do and to write hubs. There might be a hub time and again, but don't expect too much of me now.

I think I lost myself into a dense jungle of confusions that I don't get out of. I will now go back to those things that nourish my soul, like drawing and writing down some things or shorter stories that have been on my mind for a long, long time. And reading of course. Reading has been always a pleasure and I am electrified by Goethe's novels and plays!

When I get back I shall write it in my updates hub!

Thanks for the understanding my dear readers and followers!

P.S. I got my old traffic back and I even had a new peak last weekend! Stick to HubPages and Keep Writing guys!!

UPDATE 26.10.2012

I thought about my trance music blog and I have decided to discontinue it. I am sorry for this, but there is simply too much to do right now and this won't become less in future. Originally, I started with these playlists just for fun. I help out my father with bureaucratic work at the end of each month and my work is very monotonous and so I started these playlists. But now, it became an additional stress factor and it shouldn't be this way.

Anyway! I will start with my philosophical reading this weekend! On the right side, there should be always an eBay link to the type of books I am reading. I am going to start my readings with the a basic overview in philosophy and specify later on. So you can always see how I progress ;). And perhaps, you are interested in the same as me too!

UPDATE 20.10.2012

Hey guys! I'm finally back!! and with new energy to write and publish hubs! My holidays have been marvellous and the weather was almost everyday nice and sunny ;).

I don't exactly know, when there will be new hubs. I still have to do my "to-do list" and then I will do a next update probably tomorrow. But I can tell already now that next week will be very busy, because school is starting, I have to make a presentation for Russian class, write on my final work, read in "the lord of the flies" and finish the book "The Seagull" (and I didn't even start...) and worst of all, read 3 books in philosophy (about 700 pages). So yeah, next week will be greeaat fun...

But maybe I can surprise you with the one or the other hub! ;)

Oh and by the way, my traffic is still down. Yours too?

UPDATE 4.10.2012

AWAY: 6.10.2012 - 21.10.2012

So, this is the last update for the next 2 weeks.

I had to prepare many things for my vacations, starting on the 6th of October. I had also some exams to learn for, but I was quite short in time and did not even have enough time for the studies...

Anyway! after the holidays, I will be back with new energy and inspiration! ;)
It might be possible that I start writing more intensely right after November started, because right after my holidays I have to do some things.

I know that I am extremely delayed with my Trance Music Blog, but I will resume it as soon as I am back.

So, what will you expect to see of me? As you can see in this blue corner up there, there will be some hubs about these books. Not only summaries and reviews, but my main writing will be about analysing these books in every aspect.

I have also applied for the apprenticeship program here and let's hope I will get a positive response this time ;).


UPDATE 28.9.2012

I am starting to feel almost good. But I will be inactive for an unknown time period. Maybe there will be a hub or two of me, I don't know, but I will announce my comeback here.

Thanks for the understanding.

UPDATE 26.9.2012

I am still ill and it's almost a week ago, when I started to be sick...

I have been writing on special relativity yesterday and I actually wanted to write a lot more, but I always fell asleep in the evenings. But I should be done today and by the end of this week, there will be one or two new hubs on special relativity. I might also publish a new hub this evening, but I don't want to lose any time for the special relativity project as it is more important than the others and I am still ill and don't have the persistence to stay awake for too long...

Anyway, I want to announce my next two-weeks absence from HubPages. On the 6th of October, I will leave for Germany and return two weeks later. There also won't be too many hubs until the 6th of October, because I have to prepare some things in advance, but we'll see that.

Oh, and by the way, I started to earn more than 1$ a day some days ago and my daily pageviews exceed 500!! ;) They seem to be higher on the weekend (500+), but lower during the week (about 450 or more).

UPDATE 24.9.2012

I don't have much time, so I will just drop a few words.

I was ill last week and still am and that's why I couldn't write a lot and I am quite delayed in my special relativity writings and have to e-mail them to my advisor today and that's going to be quite some work for the rest of this evening (/night). But I managed to write one hub on English literature, because we are reading "Lord of the Flies" in class and there will also be certainly more of them. Anyway, don't expect me to publish too many things for this week, because there are some other very urgent things I have to take care of first.

Happy writing everyone!!

UPDATE 20.9.2012

This week has been so far quite busy for me and I didn't get so much sleep :/. But! I have written now all the Runescape guides and I will publish the last one tomorrow. Then, finally, my head will be free for new things, niches and hubs ;).

The special theory of relativity is still going on and I expect to have it done on Sunday and I will probably publish it next week on Monday or Tuesday. Remember that this will be only the first part and there are many more parts following. I will, of course, always tell you what I am doing next in this project ;).

I originally planned to write also some hubs on Huis Clos or No Exit as it is called in English, but due to the lack of sleep, I didn't manage to write anything, for what I am very sorry. But maybe there will be a summary of it and an analysis at the end of this week, who knows.

I will soon write another update with my plans for next week, when I know them ;).

UPDATE 16.9.2012

It's me again ;). I have an idea, what to write about and wanted to know the opinion of you, my dear followers.
What do you think of me writing a meditation online diary or something like this, where I write about my experiences, benefits etc?

A comment of you would be very nice ;).

UPDATE 15.9.2012

Just a quick update.

Most of the Runescape guides are down (2 left). In the next days, I will be publishing a guide each day. There is still a picture description waiting to be published.
The top ten trance hubs are very delayed I know. August isn't even published and it is already mid September. This week was simply very busy for me, but the next week should be more relaxing and I ought to have more time.

As planned, I will continue with my depression hubs and also with the analysis of "Huis Clos" (No Ext in English) by Sartre. There might be a hub on existentialism, I don't know it yet.
At the moment, I am reading "The Sorrows of young Werther" by Goethe! I just started it and read a few pages, but I tell you, it is epic! This will also be my next analysis. Look forward to it!

UPDATE 11.9.2012

Just a quick update with some infos for my dear followers ;). After 7 months of being a member of HubPages, I reached over 25k views some days ago and my hubscore is 90! So nice to see this that it didn't fall the next day and remained at 90 ! ;). I have recently noticed that my daily page traffic views have been increasing to in august and september and this drastically (also my earnings)! One factor surely must be that I did a 30/30 hub challenge without knowing it. And I realized, interlinking your hubs about the same topic also helped to increase page traffic views (in this particular niche) quite a lot. I am still observing my traffic views daily, but if I had to make a guess, I'd say about 25%!

My Runescape guides are now all completely researched and only wait to be written and published. I think it will be about 8 new ones. I will have tomorrow some time left, so I will try to write as many as I can tomorrow. Somehow, I really have to finish this niche, because I don't come at rest, because it is on my head all the time.

Afterwards, you can expect me to publish Many hubs on literature (mostly German and French) and also about mental illnesses like depression etc. I am still unsure about opening a new niche about drugs, because I have really A Lot books waiting to be read and written about (all from the 18th and 19th century in German and four in French and two in English).
When I have progressed a lot in my literature niche, then, I also might start reading philosophical books. I have three of Kant and one of Martin Heidegger (Being and Time), which I am very excited about, at the moment.

Keep Writing my dear followers and see you next time!! ;)

UPDATE 9.9.2012

It's me again and I got some news for you, my followers!
Concerning the "Special Relativity" project, which has been for a long time on my profile page, I would like to tell you some things about it.

In my graduation year, every student has to do write a scientific paper. I am writing one in maths and my subject is, as obviously seen, the Special Relativity of Albert Einstein. I will be learning now a lot regarding this topic and in mid december (I think) I will have to hand out my first version, which is at least 25 pages long.

I will be covering many chapters of special relativity and this weekend, there will be one on "time dilation" and the "Lorentz Transformations", because I have to show a text of these topics to my advisor, so he knows if I have understood everything correctly.

Look forward to it, because I will be steadily publishing more and more!

UPDATE 7.9.2012

My personal issues were solved faster than I have expected it, originally. So yea, I am back now, but I won't be able to publish many hubs anyway. School started some weeks ago and now all the exams are coming and I will have to learn for maths (what's no problem for me) but also for a 90 mins (normally exams are 45mins) Russian exam and a German literature exam. And even a French presentation of the book "No Exit" (or "In Camera") which is called in French "Huis Clos".

I have done my research for all but one RS guide and will as soon as possible start writing. I will normally write these in the mornings until I have to go to school. Then, I will write and publish many hubs on depression and maybe other psychological topics (we'll see). Simultaneously, I will read many books from the storm and stress movement, classicism, romanticism and so on and on. So you may expect many hubs in literature (German literature mainly, but maybe also French literature at some points). Literature hubs will also be my main niche as soon as the RS guides niche is done and the psychology niche will be more of a side niche or maybe fifty-fifty, you know.

So, next week will be quite busy for me and I hope to make a big progress in my RS guides niche, because it has been on my head for so long and I just have to finish it finally to feel "free" (if you get what I mean). So, thanks for reading this and don't forget to KEEP WRITING dear followers!! ;)
(I forgot to display this capsule yesterday, so the 7th was the actual reason for sharing.)

UPDATE 4.9.2012

I will take a break from writing on HubPages due to personal issues. You might see me still publishing some hubs occasionally, but for an unknown period of time, I will be mostly unactive on HubPages. Have a nice time everyone!

UPDATE 2.9.2012 (and all the dates before)

So, I want to start with the date I signed up for HubPages. It must have been the 10th of February. At this time, I was looking for an opportunity to make money online. I tried out some pay per word sites, which were just too low-paid and eventually came across HubPages. This was actually pure luck, because I received an e-mail from someone who tried out online blogging and he mentioned HubPages, what caught my attention.

So, I signed up there and decided to try it out, as I was committed enough to devote my free time to it. I started out with some hubs and got after a few days approved by Google AdSense.

The next months, I will find myself writing on HubPages, but in unusual time integrals. There would be some days, where I'd publish a lot and then weeks will follow without publishing anything. This was due to my chemistry finals and a project in biology, what took a lot of time to do. I also had holidays, in total 6 weeks, where I didn't even have the chance to write one single hub.

In August, I had two weeks left of my holidays, where I was at home and it was then, I write over 15 hubs in a matter of a few days (yes, I wrote like a boss).
It was mainly about short stories and a new niche (Runescape Guides). Ever since, I have been publishing one hub a day (sometimes two, when I was too tired the day before).

Now, I am still writing on these Runescape guides and also started with my depression hub niche. also, there should be soon some hubs on literature.
SPOILER: It's going to be about the French existentialist play "Huis Clos" (or No Exit in English) ;).
In the future, there will be many hubs on literature anyway, as I will be taking my finals in German and French and I have to read some books for the oral part (next spring).


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