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New Hubs- Traffic Getters to your Site

Updated on January 8, 2015

On HubPages, writers have tried everything from Using Keywords-Rich Contents, to using Hyper-links to their inbound hubs, Chanced their arm on promotion on Social Bookmarking Sites- all to one end- in order to drive traffic. But the real deal is to churn out new people-oriented quality hubs- this is the real Traffic-Getter to your site.

I only realized I could not do so much in my wandering from one thing to another during the nascent stages of my initiation to HP. Like everyone else, I have decided to write here for at least a reason. But regardless of what that could be, I craved nothing other than how to drive traffic to my site. This truly has become my greatest single challenge. Truth is, I knew if I could get more readership or audience, then I could reach my goal here. So I decided to uncover the secrets that many here have adopted that has endeared great follower-ship and readership for them on this great writing platform.

Prior to writing here, I have always written articles and short stories in black and white on sheets of paper or loose pads, many of which were either strewn among pieces of bric-a-brac in my chest of drawers or left lying in places you never thought they could be- at least places certainly not good enough for these children of my brain . They soon became and were taken for rubbish by my siblings and other relatives who came by at different points in time. In truth, I never magnified my portfolio. Perhaps, I could not see beyond a one-eyed man who wears a monocle in a dark foggy night. But one thing changed how I viewed my self. A chapter of events soon rock me out of the dumps.

I had pursued my career as a biochemist in my first degree because science was a passion and the art of writing was merely a diversion- an action that I engaged in whenever I thought I have had enough of thinking or talking science. Every time I discussed science among my circle of friends whether to explain a theory or to relate the facts about an experiment one thing always found me out. They would say I just had a way around words. Not one, not few saw me in that light. A good number were quite agreeable. At times they dared to ask to see my collection of writings. But what was I to show. I had not had the discipline to organise my thoughts in print and many could not believe there was nothing to show for my unique diction with which I describe concepts - perhaps at those testing moments my scrap writings were nothing more than the product of incineration. I knew I was acting below par. So what? It behove me to give this pastime the needed attention- the time to mix talent with discipline so that, like for others I have read about productivity can be within sight. I had to magnify my office. My journey to making a career out of writing thus began. Since then I have written a number of short stories and articles and I tell you there is no letting up. The difference now is they have gained my respect and by consequence now stay in that cool cosy cornered-shelf in my study or taken up a good memory space in my gizmo- my laptop and my ipad. For one thing, I got here, on Hubpages through one of my friend's good offices- a fellow who believes I need a community like this to live in. His heart, though, lies in another industry- He sells cookware. But I remain his passionate referral to this site and I have a lot to thank him for having found the privilege to reach many around this virtual market.

I have now been here for three months and still consider myself pretty new and still learning the ropes, yet I have come to understand that recognition for anyone here is predicated on whether or not one 'suffers' from the continuity syndrome. I have been privileged to follow quite a handful of stellar hubbers like Peggy W, Patty Inglish ... and I figured seeking out on traffic is guaranteed on writing new hubs. These writers write regular hubs and any follower would come to grips that they are career people in this noble profession. These new timely hubs are the real traffic-getters to their site. For the records, after writing my first two hubs no one seemed to notice what I was doing, but as the numbers have increased gradually I have had to receive comments and responses for the hubs that have followed. I have also seen my page views rise in dramatic proportion from sources outside the in-house community here. My hubs are beginning to warm the cockles of Google and other search engine's heart. The old saying that Rome was not built in a day still holds sway here.

The role of hub promotion and other traffic gimmicks can never be over-emphasized. But more relevant is the production of rich-in-content quality writings. I have never lost touch with the fact that humans will continue to have challenges to face and needs to meet, yet a proportionate amount of solution seekers to confront this besetting betenoire of man. Wait a minute and reflect upon the effects of your writings on others and imagine you never came here and that you never have to write. At least, the comments, follower-ship and endorsements are all on your side. Suffice it to say that your new hubs should be new and therefore clean in every respect- the administrators at HubPages have done an excellent job, setting us on the most sure-fire resourceful platform there is on the web. The use of relevant capsules will more than furnish and flourish your hubs- they are the little buzzers that ring a bell about our writings. This makes them more informative and time-related and many visitors will be kicking their heels to want to make yet another visits.

Revamping new topics written by you or other hubbers will also work well. This, too can boost real traffic to your site in a steady stream of influx. This may not be the fastest ways, in fact the fastest ways may not stand the test of time since search engines have been known to chop and change their algorithm parameters towards page ranking, with these taking new turns from time to time. What does not change is a content-rich page and the hubber who can provide a solution to many through ideas and experiences worthy of mention that altogether whet readers' appetite for more.

As a challenge to me, myself, the 30 hub-challenge is a goal for the next month.

Happy hubbing!

Have you noticed a rise in traffic to your new and old hubs every time you publish a new hub?

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