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Seasonal Hubs - How to Write Deciduous Content for Seasons and Holidays on HubPages

Updated on May 24, 2011

In the world of HubPages, expert Hubbers live by my philosophy when it comes to constantly gaining traffic and earnings:

Like rosemary, make your content evergreen.

But sometimes, they create hubs whose topics pertain to a holiday or an annual time of year - from merry days to solstices. This practice of intermixing the season-specific and the timeless creates a new piece of advice - make a mixed forest of evergreen and deciduous content. Of course, people look for useful information that can be used everyday. But you may consider writing one that can be used as the holiday or season kicks in: seasonal Hubs.

How Seasonal Hubs Differ from Evergreen Ones

The notable difference between the seasonal and evergreen Hubs are the type of content its writers base on. Unlike the latter, which is entirely evergreen content, the ones on topics based on holidays are deciduous content. Think of it as a deciduous tree: it loses its leaves in the autumn and grows new ones in the spring.

Likewise, a Hub on an annual time of the year (birthdays don't count, as writers consider it as an evergreen topic) gains traffic when the season comes and peaks in annual popularity and does not gain much after the time until the next one. In rare cases, Hubs on specific, annual times of the year can gain traffic twice if the event happens twice a year.

A good example would be my Hub on turismos in Florida theme parks because the South American groups with flags form when their vacations from school occur in their nations in summer and winter. Seasonal Hubs are much different from evergreen ones because they are dated in terms of general holidays and seasons.

Deciduous content is like an oak tree, it loses leaves (traffic) in the fall (low season) and grows new ones in the spring (high season).
Deciduous content is like an oak tree, it loses leaves (traffic) in the fall (low season) and grows new ones in the spring (high season).

Plan on Topics Pertaining to the Season

There are great ideas for niches on holidays and other annual occurrences on HubPages - you just have to know where to start. How-to articles are popular for everyday life (because they are evergreen), but those that are based on the season work just as fine.

Also, health articles of the seasons (nutrition during the Christmas season) and safe grilling tips in the summer are also useful topics. Especially for Hubs on the holidays, traditions used by a large audience (wearing Halloween costumes and making Valentine's Day chocolate desserts) are informative, especially to people who are new to using them. Choose seasonal topics you are familiar and confident with.

If you want a bit of inspiration for your Hub, read How to Find Interesting and Inspiring Topics for Your Articles and Hubs.

Plan to write at least a month in advance - for example, write about Santa Claus in July.
Plan to write at least a month in advance - for example, write about Santa Claus in July.

Plan Ahead

The best way to write seasonal Hubs is to write ahead of the season. Ideally, allow yourself at least 30 days before the holiday so that you can allow traffic to increase over time. I usually write my Christmas Hubs in July or August, because the so-called Christmas creep (a phenomenon in which retailers sell Christmas merchandise and sales months before December) usually starts. Litany Notch suggests in her Hub when to start writing for your desired niche on your desired holiday.

Date Your Hub, But Use Seasons and Holidays in General

Writing a seasonal Hub is like writing an evergreen counterpart - no current fads or dates. Don't include current statistics either, because it would be ephemeral content (which dies out days after publication and stays dead) later on. Date your content with holidays and seasons in general and use general time terms like "recently" or "ages ago" instead.

A good rule of thumb is to determine which holidays have fixed or movable dates. Christmas and Halloween are fixed-date times because they happen respectively on December 25 and October 31. Easter and Thanksgiving are fixed-date times because they respectively happen on a Sunday in late March or April and on the last Thursday of November.

Follow Hub Writing Conventions

The rules for writing a Hub apply to all of them - evergreen or deciduous. Don't use pictures or videos excessively - balance them out with enough text to support your niche. (I suggest that you use 100 words per media item.) Make sure your media is safe for everybody to read. I suggest that you use photos and videos that is safe for even a 5-year-old. Always check your spelling and grammar and write in standard English.

Use keywords (tags) that can be searched by people and are relevant to your Hub. The wrong keywords will let moderators flag your Hub as deceptive. Linking to other Hubs and sites is excellent to drive traffic, but do so wisely or else the moderators will flag your Hub as overly promotional. (Remember, only one website per link is acceptable.)

On top of that, write original, informative content - don't copy from another source (unless using quotes). Remember: content is king.

One of the best ways to get the most out of HubPages is to write seasonal Hubs - as the season approaches, people will always search for what to do (and what to buy) for the season. But don't overdo it on writing them, though - balance it out with timeless content that can still be read in the future as well as today.

What Kinds of Hubs Do You Write?

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    • slappywalker profile image

      Kieron Walker 6 years ago from Saratoga Springs, NY

      I wrote my first seasonal hub lately and was surprised by how quickly traffic picked up on it. I think you are right though about balancing them with other hubs on timeless content. I guess it's like building a diverse investment portfolio.

    • yellowstar2000 profile image

      Candice Collins 7 years ago from WestCoast Florida

      great hub!!!! loved it :)