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How to Increase Everything in Your Articles and Hubs

Updated on November 2, 2010

I have been writing on revenue-sharing websites for quite a long time, and my three main websites I write on are Triond, Associated Content, and here on HubPages. At first, I started out earning meagerly on everything, including views and earnings. But I learned tricks and tips all over the internet that can help me increase what makes an article (or Hub) so vital and interesting. I know that some may work for you and some may not, but I suggest that you give them a try.

Write Original Content

Veteran writers say it best: content is king. To me, the factors that make content original are interest, family-friendliness, and voice. For interest, you have to not only use standard English but to make your article or Hub appealing. Family-friendliness is another factor, since many people try not to cuss or look at overtly sexual pictures. For example, if you write using swear words as well as you say it, make up your own as long as it is family-friendly.

That leads to an important factor - voice. I paraphrase (as long as I cite my sources) and voice my opinion a lot, and I devote at most 5-10% to quotations from other writers. By following my conventions, I gain readership as well as scores (if I write Hubs) of over 70. If you want to earn revenue and gain traffic, take my lead and write quality content.

Use Relevant Keywords

I (as well as veteran writers) can't stress this enough: keywords are just as important as the content itself. When starting to write an article on, say, how bad the R-word (here I'm not telling what it is as it offends mentally and developmentally disabled readers) is, research on the subject.

Use the keyword tool if necessary and for extra credit, use the traffic estimator to see which of those relevant keywords are profitable. Some people call this strategy a matter of search engine optimization, but I call this a great way to foster readership and revenue.

Add A Twist to What People Believe

If you are writing on what a majority believes, such as opinions on something or something from folklore, don't be afraid to enhance it with what you believe! In fact, one of my articles on Triond, which is about the superstition of putting shoes on the table, garnered over a hundred views a month after publishing it. I didn't write it to show that doing so portends death, I traced it to an origin people might have not noticed before: post-mortem photography (in which photographers at its heyday sometimes took portraits of dead children on the table, sometimes with their shoes on). You don't have to be controversial; give your opinion on others' beliefs!

Rosemary is evergreen, so should your content.
Rosemary is evergreen, so should your content.

Like Rosemary, Make Your Content Evergreen

If you haven't heard of evergreen content, then here's my definition: they are lasting and interesting articles or hubs that leaves readers coming back for more.To me, it's the polar opposite of deciduous content, which earns a lot of views and revenue in a particular time period each year, and ephemeral content, which earns views just once in a few weeks or months.

For instance, I wrote a Hub on Halloween costume ideas. I got a high score at one point. Then it dwindled down later in the 70's (once again, a score which I call "quality") only to raise ratings in the fall or late summer to attract people deciding on what costumes to wear before each Halloween. Evergreen content doesn't have something that is viral for a limited time, like news stories and the year's hottest trends.

To make content evergreen, write on a topic that is perennial and is perceived to be perennial some 5 or so years from now. Examples of topics are child-rearing, health topics, and gardening.

Go Beyond Basic Bookmarking Sites

We all hear this from those who are experts in article writing for money - use social networks to promote your articles. To me, I don't think we should live on well-known ones when it comes to driving traffic and revenue to the sites

Don't overlook bookmarking sites that earn you money as well as views - check out those that allow you to link your online money-making account. Basic social bookmarking sites are a sure-fire way to drive traffic, but go above and beyond them if you can.

Tend Your Content

There's no right or wrong in tending your content - updating, revising, and pruning. I do this to invoke new developments, add new flourishes, and mostly, resuscitate low-traffic ones to upgrade them to the aforementioned evergreen content that people keep coming back for more.

Of course, if you have those perennial articles, there's a rare chance to update them! Most article-writing sites use the handy "edit" option so you can proofread, update, and revise them to your heart's content. Don't fear of editing your articles to make it sound better and less dated.

Proofread Your Content

Before I go right into publishing, I spell-check and proofread my articles and Hubs. If there's an infraction in the text, I go back and respell it with a spell checker or by hand. I not only make sure my grammar is in line, but I italicize proper titles (as in movies, TV series, and books) as well. As far as standard English goes, it's good advice to revise and proofread your content.

Read Others' Articles (and Link and Comment on Them)

It's like the Golden Rule - do unto others as they would do unto you. That means that if you link to other articles or Hubs relevant to your article, chances are that when they revise them, they will link back to you. Earn extra traffic by reading their articles and commenting on them as well.

With the right strategies and techniques to increase readership, traffic, money, and legacy, your content will be as popular. Heed my tips and start writing!


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    • talfonso profile image

      talfonso 6 years ago from Tampa Bay, FL

      teacherfidel, thanks for asking. What I mean by that section is that there's more to bookmarking sites than forums, Facebook, and Twitter, among those things.

      One of those overlooked bookmarking sites is SheToldMe (go look it up on Google - I can't post the original URL). Not only it helps you promote your article or Hub, it also makes money (Adsense earnings). I recommend it for evergreen and seasonal Hubs alike. Another example is RedGage (also look that up), which also earns you money as well as bookmarking your Hubs.

      Again, thanks for asking!

    • teacherfidel profile image

      teacherfidel 6 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

      very helpful hub. thanks!

      but I'm not sure I totally understood the section "Go Beyond Basic Bookmarking Sites". I drive traffic to my hubs through Facebook, Twitter and forums only. Am I missing out on some other ways?

    • BeatsMe profile image

      BeatsMe 7 years ago

      Nice advice. Must remember them, though.