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100% Sure Fire Tips for Making Lots of Money on HubPages.

Updated on December 21, 2012

So, you opened an account with HubPages, and you are hoping to make some money, any money, publishing your own articles. You heard some far fetched stories of some bloggers making thousands of dollars a week off this site, and you would like to be as successful. At the least you would like to pull in a couple of hundred dollars a week, perhaps earning enough to give up your 9-5 job for good and start a career as a professional blogger. The problem is your first article has sat there, unread, for the better part of a week. There has to be some trick to writing a successful hub. But what is it?

It turns out there is a trick to writing a successful online article. And that is writing an article called TIPS ON HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE. On HubPages that article would be specifically titled something like "100% Sure Fire Tips for Making Lots of Money on HubPages". Every day there are a multitude of new writers, just like you, who want to make money online. By now you have discovered how hard it is to sell content to other websites, and now have decided to try your luck at one of these websites that offer a cut in advertisement revenue. All you now need to figure out is how to write an article that gets a lot of traffic. The more traffic, the more money you make. And at a penny every five views an article or hub gets, you need about 500 views just to get a dollar. We all went through the same thing at one time or another. And for those of us who did not give up after a couple of articles, we all did the same thing. We searched for an online article that gave tips for attracting traffic.

So with that many potential readers out there looking for articles on making money online, the best subject to generate traffic would be an article on how to generate traffic, right? Everyone eventually writes one of these articles out of desperation as if they have some sort of magic key to attracting traffic. Most of those who write them are still as clueless as to how to generate traffic of their own. But that hasn't stopped them from writing their tips article.

Is it a scam? Yes. I will probably make a few dollars a month off of this hub. So will all the others who have written the same kind of article. They all do offer tips, but nothing that you have not already figured out on your own. Like the tip "Write about popular topics or celebrities", as if the first article you wrote was not. When I first got started I read a lot of articles about increasing traffic to your blog, all with nothing more than common sense rather than any inside secrets that could really help me. A brief examination of many of the authors other online work suggested that they were not the successful bloggers they made themselves out to be. Their "How to Make Money" articles nothing more than a desperate way to generate traffic. But don't you worry. Unlike those other articles, I am giving you the key to a successful hub. Just write down the title "How to Make a Lot of Cash From Your Hubs" or something similar to that. Write an introduction paragraph that misleads readers into believing the article has sure fire tips on attracting tons of traffic. And don't forget to add a graphic of a computer screen with dollar signs flying out of it. And in no time you will have other budding writers reading your article, and you will be well on your way to making tens of extra dollars a year.

But that does not mean you can't eventually make money from this site. There actually is a way to make hundreds, even thousands of dollars a month through publishing hubs. I am not going to give you a pie-in-the-sky pep talk about writing a series of popular hubs everyone will read. Sure, if you are a very talented writer then maybe, just maybe, you could pick up a following. Thousands who follow your hubs, reading every new one posted. A few hundred dollars to be made almost instantly for every new article you write. But if you are that good a writer, then maybe you should not even be wasting your talent on HubPages. The majority of us who write these hubs are not that talented. We write for HubPages, or sites like Yahoo! Voices, because we are not yet good enough to land a permanent salary job with a website. No matter. There is still a way to make that money.

But not with AdSense. Unlike Yahoo! Voices ( or Associated Content as it was once called ), HubPages originally did not allow you to share money from ad revenues on your hubs. What they did do was allow you to place your own AdSense account onto your hubs. But AdSense only generates about 1¢ every 40-50 views of all your articles. I had AdSense for a couple of years and it is still $65 short of reaching it's $100 threshold payment. As I always say, even though you may get hardly anything from an AdSense account, you may as well have it. That's an extra $100 bucks once it kicks in, why pass that up? Another thing that barely works is the Amazon Associates, but once again you may as well sign up. I have tried deliberately writing hubs that promoted products that Amazon was selling, just to see how well the Amazon Associates account worked, and only managed to sell one DVD for the effort. Just like AdSense, the odds are against anyone using one of the Amazon links. And HubPages made it even harder with a new rule prohibiting you from placing Amazon capsules midway through the hub. Unlike the AdSense links, if someone uses the Amazon link then they will also have to purchase the item before you see a cut. I wonder how many readers know those are links at all. How many see an item they like, but go directly to the Amazon home page instead of using the Amazon Associate link? For past hubs I tried to find merchandise that matched the hub's topic. Lately I have been setting the capsule for lightning deals. Still has not worked.

The eBay Partner Network is pretty much the same thing as Amazon Associates, only they have to approve you. And guess what? they turned me down. After a few weeks of running eBay capsules on my hubs, all which I immediately took down. The shame was that it was easier to link the eBay capsules to my articles because they sold items that were out of print and no longer available on Amazon. I have a friend who was also rejected by eBay, but kept adding capsules to his hubs. Why? Because he had his own eBay account. He used his hubs to sell his own eBay items. Too bad barely anyone is reading his hubs to see those capsules.

Me, I wrote a bunch of hubs that no one reads. I wrote a few that get about a dozen page views a month. And a couple that surprised me and got thousands of page views a month. I have tried promoting some of my hubs with disastrous results. Most of the time when I promote a hub on another message board, the moderator would delete the thread. And if that did not happen, then something else just as bad. Another member of that message board community would cut and paste the entire hub and post it on the same thread. Perhaps he though he was helping me, that I did not know how to cut and paste text which would be why I left a link. Or perhaps he was just being a troll, posting the hub so that no one else would need to click the link. Some people have suggested I open an account on Facebook or some other social site, get thousands of online friends, then beg them to read my hubs. The problem is that I do not have time for sites like Facebook. Most of my hubs are either experimental, or something that I was assigned to write for another site and they ended up not buying. For me HubPages was just a place of experiment to see if somehow I could tweak the results with Amazon and AdSense. Then some time ago HubPages added the earnings program. Suddenly I was being paid for page views. A few weeks ago I reached the $75 threshold and for the first time got some money from this site. I am pretty sure HubPages added the earnings program to compete with Yahoo! Voices. But whatever the reason, I now have a new strategy. The Slow & Steady Method.

It all starts with those evergreens. Hubs based on subjects that will be relevant ten years from now. You could write a hub on the Twilight movies. It is a very popular topic, so it has a better chance of being found by Twilight fans looking for Twilight articles on Google. But there is no reason to believe that Twilight will still be popular in a decade. The same can be said for pop stars. About two thirds of the recording acts on the charts today will be forgotten a year from now. Out of the remaining third, most will see their careers decline some time in the next five years. Evergreens are those hubs based on subject that will remain popular for decades to come. Some of my hubs are about Laurel & Hardy, and each gets about 25 page views a month. Not the hundreds that a Justin Bieber hub may generate, but for all I know Justin could be forgotten by next year. But what I do know is that the Laurel & Hardy hub will still get 20-30 page views ten years from now. They have proven their timelessness. Recording artists that make good evergreen subjects include The Beatles, Elvis, Michael Jackson and Madonna. Movie stars include Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, John Wayne, Bette Davis and Humphrey Bogart. Directors include Steven Spielberg, Alfred Hitchcock and Terry Gilliam. Movies include The Wizard of Oz and Star Wars. News Events include the sinking of The Titanic, the JFK assassination and the moon landing.

If you think your hub will still be read in ten years then you have an evergreen. Now, imagine writing about 100 very decent evergreens. That could be $10 a month or up. 1000 good evergreen articles could be $100 or more a month. That sounds like a lot of work for so little pay, but the whole point is that these are evergreens. As long as there is still a HubPages website, those hubs will continue to generate money even long after you have stopped writing. And with the right combination of key words and a compelling twist on the subject, you could have quite a few over performing evergreens. In that case 100 hubs could generate $1,000 or more a month. The Slow & Steady method still sounds dumb? Well guess what. That is exactly the same method that HubPages uses. They make their money every time this site gets a page view. The average page view for all the hubs is around 5 a month ( combining the dead hubs with the popular ones. ) But since this site gradually allowed us outsiders to build up content, they have hundreds of thousands of hubs and growing. Slow & Steady, thats how HubPages will make their millions.

The Slow & Steady method is the only guaranteed way to make a lot of money on any of these sites. DO NOT TRUST ANY OTHER ADVICE. Sure, common sense is to write great hubs on topics you are experts on, fill it with as many strong key words as you can, promote those hubs as much as possible, and then pray you are good enough to build a fan base. But that is not advice. No advice in the world can make anyone a good writer, or give them the luck that makes their hubs viral. And none of these advice articles will ever give you a topic to write about that will attract more readers. Why? Two reasons. No one wants to give away which of their hubs is strong, and then have hundreds of others writing the same hub, stealing away their readers. Second, if hundreds of you begin writing the same hub then there will be hundreds of the same hub, which means hundreds of the same thing listed on Google, which means the topic has been so watered down that it is no longer going to get thousands of page views for any one hub. Well, I am going to break that trend with this hub. Take my advice. If you want to make serious ¢¢¢¢¢¢ then write a hub advising how to make money with hubs. Even if you havn't a clue how to make a dime on HubPages, it is your best shot at probably making a lot of money with very little effort or originality. Join the legions of other talentless writers who have also sunk to luring readers to a hub with a get rich quick article. I know I have.


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    • CascadeWild profile image

      CascadeWild 5 years ago from Western WA

      This is just what I, as a new and impatient hubber, needed to hear! I've heard it from others too, but this is the 7th? 10th? Article that said the tried and true basic of write what you like, write it well and don't worry about it.

      Guess I'll give it a try... oh, but it is hard when you want to know how you're doing and if you need to change something to do better... ;)

    • Jayson Mirasol profile image

      Nathaneal Mirasol 5 years ago from Kota Kinabalu

      You made me read until the end, i salute you sir.

    • scarytaff profile image

      Derek James 5 years ago from South Wales

      Excellent advice and oh, so true. Slow and steady is definitely the way to go. I'm glad someone else shares my scepticism on these get-rich-quick scams. Voted up and useful.


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