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Why all new Bloggers and Hub writers should use tumblr to blog!

Updated on January 18, 2013

Why Hubbers should be using tumblr

I believe tumblr is the finest free blogging platform out there at the moment. The community is growing exponentially because making a blog on tumblr is dead simple. Finding and editing the free or pay blogging templates is also fun and easy. The key though, in my mind, is that with some initial setup, you can import Niche Hubbers RSS feeds directly into your free tumblr blog, with a hub tracker already inserted into your links!

As an added plus for using the free tumblr blogging platform is that the community is huge now and there are tons of great bloggers already on the site to reference/follow/reblog etc. I have a ton of fun with my own blog and have over 1000 followers between my 3 blogs.

good free blogging platform or best free blogging platform?

in my opinion tumblr provides the best free blogging platform and community.
in my opinion tumblr provides the best free blogging platform and community. | Source

Hubpages and Tumblr

So I admit it takes some work to do some of the things I am going to share but that's what we do here on Hubpages right. We put in work and get paid. We all add certain things to the mix to get things rolling on hubpages. Whether is back-linking strategies or writing and rewriting for the best results on Google searches, It all takes work. The payoff in profits and the addicting fun that is the tumblr platform, is well worth the effort. You do want to make money blogging, right?

I won't go into creating a yahoo pipes feed, you can check that out here. I am more interested in the tumblr side of things.

Lets start with a list of things to do if you want to use Tumblr and Hubpages together simply.

  1. Sign-up for hubpages
  2. Create a simple Url Tracker for tumblr
  3. Create and begin using tumblr (I recommend starting a niche blog for best results.)
  4. Setup a yahoo pipes account and learn how to insert your tumblr tracker into them.
  5. Use 5 (tumblr limit of imports) of the best Hubbers in your niche to feed into your tumblr blog.

Plus I serve up Google ads on all of my blogs and have no problem pulling in a couple bucks a month from each on their own. Example is my Light Graffiti blog.

Tumblr Blog Post Options

Tumblr Blog Post Options
Tumblr Blog Post Options

Tumblr images

RSS feed importer
RSS feed importer

Yahoo pipes RSS feeds into tumblr

This is the key and now that hubpages has it's own ad platform this will be even better for us Hubbers.

If you've got your yahoo pipes setup done then all you have to do is copy/paste these feeds into your tumblr account through tumblrs' "services " tab when you customize your blog. I always set it to import the feed with images as it gets more traffic on tumblr this way.

After you start getting your first feeds coming through the only other thing needed is to consistently add tags to your content. Having a niche makes this simple and once you are used to doing it, it takes little time but it is a must!

You can also setup Twitter and Facebook if you have accounts at these social platforms too. Twitter can be very powerful with tumblr as well because not only can you send new posts there but some of the blogging templates offered by tumblr will allow you to import your feed from tumblr to the site in a sidebar. This is powerful because you can have instant back-links to tumblr, twitter and hubpages happening automatically. Throw Stumbleupon into the mix and you have a very powerful strategy.


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    • jestone profile image

      jestone 6 years ago from America!

      I have had some issues with down time, I think pretty well attributable to their stellar growth. However it hasn't affected me recently, though in the past it has been a nuisance.

    • profile image

      the-bestmousetrap 6 years ago

      Great information. I just made a tumblr account for my niche (third attempt) and after spending a few hours putting together with some queued posts I suddenly could not log on. No matter which browser I used my account address or log in would come back

      h--p://tumblr/suspended. I was going nuts. Couldn't even check the TOS again to make sure I didn't violate anything. Every and any (not mine) tumblr page would come up with the same thing. I finally checked h--p:// which showed it down for hours. And down since dec 24 on and off in large time frames. Have you experienced that? Im wondering if they grew too fast and can't handle the load. Thanks for the pipes info, on my way to check it now.

    • CJamesIII profile image

      CJamesIII 6 years ago from Minneapolis, MN

      Sounds great! Thanks for the info, I'll have to try it.