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ELECTION 2016: Who Wins? The Democrats vs the Republicans in USA and the NDCs vs the NPPs in Ghana

Updated on February 19, 2015

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When an incident occurs several times in a particular way, it tends to be a trend. People’s minds are tuned to the point that such an incident is meant to be occurring. Such is the case of the presidential elections in Ghana and that in USA. Do you believe in trend? The Elections in USA and that in Ghana seem to correlate in a way such that it has become a trend.

2016 is just around the corner, and the presidential elections will surely take place both in the US and in Ghana. If you believe in trend, then let’s take a look at the following:

Since 1992, Whenever the Democrats in USA wins, The National Democratic Congress (NDC) Also Wins and Whenever the Republicans in USA Wins, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in Ghana Also Wins.

There has been a sought of coincidence that has persisted since 1992 to date. The election years of USA coincide with that of Ghana’s. Whenever The Democrats in USA wins a presidential election, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in Ghana also wins and whenever The Republicans in USA wins, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in Ghana also wins.

The under- listed represent the political parties that won the presidential elections since 1992 and the names of the Candidates for those parties:


Bill Clinton 1992 (The Democrats)

Bill Clinton 1996 (The Democrats)

George w. Bush 2000 (The Republicans)

George w. Bush 2004 (The Republicans)

Barack Obama 2008 (The Democrats)

Barak Obama 2012 (The Democrats)


Jerry John Rawlings 1992 (National Democratic Congress)

Jerry John Rawlings 1996 (National Democratic Congress)

John Agyekum Kuffour 2000 (New Patriotic Party)

John Agyekum Kuffour 2004 (New Patriotic Party)

John Evans Fiifi Atta Mills 2008 but died in 2012 and John Dramani Mahama 2012 was sworn in (National Democratic Congress)

John Dramani Mahama 2012 (National Democratic Congress)

Looking at the list above, each political party is given two terms in succession after which they are voted out. This has happened since 1992. The Democrats in USA and The National Democratic Congress by December 2016 will be finishing their second terms of office. Will the two parties be voted out in their respective countries? Now, the question is; will this trend continue? Let’s look at something from a trend in Ghana’s election 1992 to see whether the above trend can still continue in 2016.

All The Presidents In Ghana Since 1992 Are Called John.

The presidents of Ghana since 1992 are, Jerry John Rawlings, John Agyekum Kuffour, John Evans Fiifi Atta Mills, and John Dramani Mahama. The candidates for the 2016 presidential elections are Nana Akuffo Addo for the NPP and the incumbent president, John Dramani Mahama. The candidate for the NPP, Nana Akuffo is not called John. Will he win to break the trend? If he does win, will the republicans in USA also win for the first trend to continue? Which first trend? The trend that ‘whenever the Democrats in USA win, the NDC in Ghana win and whenever the Republicans in the in USA wins, the NPP in Ghana also wins.’

The NDCs are in their second term. Their candidate is called John. Will he win to continue the trend all because Nana Akuffo Addo is not called John? If he does win, the NDCs will be doing three terms which does not conform with the fact that every party is voted out after doing two terms in succession since 1992.

What is the Argument of the NDCs?

The NDCs argue that even though they are in their second term, the current president is in his first term. They argue that if Evans Fiifi Atta Mills had not died, he would have been voted in to do his second term in 2012 but since he died, his term came to an end. John Dramani Mahama according to them, opened a new chapter of a term in 2012 and should be given a second term in 2016 to accomplish his dreams for Ghana.

What is the Argument of the NPPs?

The NPPs argue that John Dramani Mahama only came to accomplish Mill’s dreams. Mahama was only voted into power to continue the works started by Mills. They argue that by 2016, he should have finished and therefore must go.

Are Ghanaians Fed Up With the Two Parties?

Since there are other political parties in Ghana, such as the Convention People’s Party (CPP), the Progressive People’s Party (PPP), People’s National Congress (PNC), and so on, will Ghanaians say it is time to open a new chapter of the presidential elections? Thus switching to one of those other parties? Ghana is a peaceful country. Ghanaians always choose the best option to make peace. If Ghanaians foresee that voting any of the two rival parties will rather tear their nation apart, they don’t matter voting any of the smaller parties.

General Overview

The 2016 General elections is going to pull lots of surprises especially to Ghanaians. Definitely, one of the trends are going to be broken. One of iii. to vii. can happen.

I. John Dramani Mahama will win which means, the fact that every president must be called John since 1992 still holds. This further means that the fact that every political party is voted out after the second term does not hold anymore.

II. Nana Akuffo Addo will win which means that the fact that every president of Ghana must be called John does not hold anymore. This also means, the fact that every political party is voted out after two terms in succession still holds.

III. Any of the smaller parties wins which means that Ghanaians are fed up with the two rival parties, NDC and NPP.

IV. NDC wins and the Republicans win means that the first trend no longer holds. This also means that the underlined statement in i. holds.

V. NPP wins and the Republicans win means the first trend still holds but the second does not hold anymore.

VI. NDC wins and the Democrats win. What holds and what does not hold are obvious.

VII. NPP wins and the Democrats win. What holds and what does not also hold are obvious.

Let us therefore wait patiently for 2016 to see the surprises it brings.


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