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Why Make Squidoo Lenses For Every Topic

Updated on May 21, 2013

Squidoo Topics

Squidoo Topics are great ways for other people to find your lenses based on your topics. Squidoo lens topics allow you to expand your ideas, and right now, I ask a big favor. I challenge any lensmaster to create lenses for every topic that Squidoo has to offer. You will get a lot more views, and a lot more lenses as well. Squidoo is an excellent place to earn money and write about what you love at the same time. Writing about topics that you are good and bad at makes you learn more about those topics, and the income will be great. Why should you create lenses on every topic? I want to give you a good answer for that question, and that is the goal for this lens.

Everyone on the Planet

Every living person on the planet is a potential visitor for your lenses. Getting those visitors to go onto your lenses can prove to be difficult. Let's say that you have a lego lens. A child looking for good Christmas ideas would be the perfect visitor for that lens, but someone who just got divorced wouldn't care about legos at that moment. That person might look up ways to get over his divorcement. Creating lenses about legos and divorcements gets you people who want to learn more about both of those topics. A new biologist might want to learn more about animals, so legos and divorcements don't fit in that topic. If you create a lens about animal(s), then you can get people from those topics. It is good to have 20 lenses about legos, but then how many people are you losing? Not everyone cares about legos, and you are here to please.

Good Topics On Amazon

These are just some of the things that people in hte world are looking for.

A Question For You

I know it sounds hard, but I am starting to complete this goal now. I will hopefully have 1,000 lenses in the future, but here is my question.

Will You Create A Lens For Every Topic (excluding sub topics)?

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Trying To Write A Lens About Every Topic Gives You A Lot Of Things

What does this opportunity hold for you on the other side? Well, you will most likely get over 5,000 points on Squidoo once you are done with all of those lenses. Also, the income will be great as well as your diverse audience. Writing lenses for every topic is a goal, and it is important to have goals on Squidoo as well as in life.

How Do You Like My Idea?

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    • Gypzeerose profile image

      Rose Jones 5 years ago

      I said I would create a lens on every topic, which means I have to live a long time. I have found that there is a lot of strength in finding a niche - but that some of my most successful lenses have been Lone Rangers that I write as a quest and otherwise wouldn't think of. It is good to stretch. Sent onto Google Plus.