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Bird Blind Location for Watching Birds in Norristown Montgomery County PA

Updated on January 25, 2015
Bird Blind Hut at Norristown Farm Park in Norristown, PA  (Montgomery County)
Bird Blind Hut at Norristown Farm Park in Norristown, PA (Montgomery County)

Introduction - Find Bird Blind in Montco Pennsylvania

Ornithology is basically the study of birds.  If you like to watch birds you might consider yourself an amateur ornithologist.  A very good way to observe birds in their natural element is with the use of a bird blind.  Bird blinds are a (somewhat) comfortable way to hide from birds and let birds interact naturally without you disturbing them.

Many parks have bird blinds. One that I can think of in the Montgomery County, PA area is at the Norristown Farm park not far from Germantown, Pike in Norristown (East Norriton, PA)

The Look Of the Bird Blind on the Outside

The exterior of the bird blind at the Norristown Farm park is very rustic looking.  All wood construction. It is brown with a one pitch roof (if I'm using the correct term :-) and is accessible by one door in the side of the blind

The Interior of the Bird Blind

The inside is also all wood. There are two very well kept bird posters on the wall on the inside of the bird blind. They identify scores of birds and comes in very, very handy. Much easier than thumbing through your favorite field guide for birds.

Overall, like many bird blinds, it can get a little hot in the summer and has a sort of musty, dusty feel to it. Overall not all that bad though.

You view the birds through wooden rods that run horizontally in the front 'window.' The view of the pond is very clear. Much more clear than the 'bars' in my picture suggest.

Bird identification posters inside bird blind.
Bird identification posters inside bird blind.

The Setting

The bird blind is in Norritown Farm park.  Norristown farm park is home to over 100 species of birds. If you walk throughout the park you'll notice scores of bird houses.

The bird blind looks out over the Norristown Farm park's trout pond.   The view is a gorgeous view of this fairly small pond (I'd suggest the pond is 100 feet in diameter but I could be off in my estimate) as well as the surrounding meadow and various trees that line the pond. Waterfowl, waders, warblers, and a huge variety of songbirds make the setting an ideal bird watching experience.

Information on Norristown Farm Park

For more information on the Norristown Farm park in general, here is the website

Location of Norristown Farm Park

norristown farm park:
Norristown Farm Park, 2500 Upper Farm Rd, Norristown, PA 19403, USA

get directions

Getting to The Bird Blind - Find It!

There are a couple ways to get to the bird blind that I know of. Both ways require about a quarter mile walk so wear comfortable shoes. Most of the walk will be on a paved trail that is shared by joggers and bikers as you get close to the pond you'll have a fair way to go on grass (and possibly mud if rainy). Dress accordingly.

First way to get there (if you are local to the area this will make sense, if not, start out with Map Quest and then my directions will help:

Park at the Whitehall Road parking lot. Get out of your car and make a left on the trail. Walk about a quarter mile. You will eventually see the trout pond on your right. The caveat to this route is the time of the year. There might be significant growth that could hinder you from seeing the pond. If you reach Upper Farm Road (the first paved intersection in the trail) you have gone too far but that is OK. Make a right onto Upper Farm Road and continue until you see the Stoney Creek Anglers area. There is a non-paved path that runs along the side of the tree line that lines the Stoney Creek Angler area that will take you to the bird blind.

Second way to get there (if you are local to the area this might not make sense, if not, start out with Map Quest and then my directions will help:

Coming off Germantown Pike, drive down Whitehall Road (past the lot I describe above) and turn left on Sterigere. From there park in the first neighborhood on your right. Then cross the street (be careful!) and make a right on the path. Follow that path, past the trout nursery and then just after the nursery you'll see Stoney Creek Anglers. There is a non-paved path that runs along the side of the tree line that lines the Stoney Creek Angler area that will take you to the bird blind.

What Did I Think?

Honestly, I occasionally do some bird watching but it is usually during a hike or while fishing. I don't often watch birds simply for the sake of bird watching.  With that in mind, I am not an expert on bird blinds.

I do, however, think this is a decent place to try out.  There are certainly a lot of different birds at this park and the bird blind makes for a decent place to view these winged creatures as well as enjoy the serene pond.

I especially liked the very easy to read, well illustrated bird posters inside the bird blind.  You can learn a lot fast and easily.

Go visit this bird blind sometime and let me know what you think.


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    • TurtleDog profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      Thanks so much! Good to hear from a local PA Hubber! It's always a rare treat to see an owl. The problem is i've only seen them more or less by luck or accident. I really should research more into finding owls successfully at night in suburban areas. Thanks for stopping by

    • DIYmyOmy profile image


      6 years ago from Philadelphia, PA

      Hi, great article! I voted it up and awesomed it! I live in Cheltenham, Montgomery Co so I really appreciate the info! I just asked the question, "Have you seen a Snowy Owl?" due to this winter's irruption of Snowys and thought you might be interested in the answers:


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