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Catch Trout in Norristown Montgomery County PA Trout Pond - Any Good ?

Updated on May 2, 2011
Trout Pond at Norristown Farm Park in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania
Trout Pond at Norristown Farm Park in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

Introduction - Trout in Norristown, PA

Fishing. I love to fish. I especially like fishing for that elusive trout. Trout can be a finicky and cunning game fish in Pennsylvania. Very challenging to catch.

I've long heard about a trout pond right in Norristown  (East Norriton, West Norriton), PA area but I had never visited it.  A combination of laziness and overall stupidity (I've had some difficulty finding this pond)  have prevented me from fishing in this body of water.

Norristown Farm Park

norristown farm park:
Norristown Farm Park, 2500 Upper Farm Rd, Norristown, PA 19403, USA

get directions

Norristown Farm Park

The trout pond is found on the grounds of Norristown Farm park. Norristown Farm park is a spacious park that also shares ground with Norristown State Hospital.  

The Farm park has miles of paved trails for easy hiking and biking.  The majority of people I see at the park use it for the purposes of hiking and biking.  Fisherman use the park as well.  The park has two bodies of water.  One is Stony Creek, which runs through the park.  The other is, of course, the Trout pond.

Trout Pond - The Size

The size of the trout pond is pretty small.  I'm horrible at guessing dimensions but I'll estimate about 100 feet in diameter and is very much shaped like a circle. Not very big. You can easily see the entire pond from any vantage point along the beach.

Trout Pond - The Look

The pond is circular and is lined by street and other thick growth.  There is also a bird blind for bird watching.  One picnic table sits next to the pond.

The pond is well kept with no garbage laying around as far as I could tell.

There is also a trout nursery literally within walking distance. A pipe runs directly from the nursery into the pond. Yes, they do stock the pond though it seems not when I am there. More on this later.

The Feel

The Trout Pond is a nice spot, though it is not for the hard core angler.  This pond resembles more of a pond for kids to fish in rather than a place for serious fisherman.

The couple of times I have fished at the pond I was the only person there.  This is a good thing since there are really only a few spots to fish from around the pond. The rest of the beach consists of trees and overgrowth.  If there were more than a few people there, it would get crowded quick due to lack of access points for fishing.

Location of the Trout Pond

OK, first of all, I love to fish.  Second of all, I stink at it.  Especially when going after trout.  In my two trips to the trout pond I caught nothing. This suggests, 1) I'm doing everything wrong and/or 2) No recent stocking of the pond when I visited

There were lots of frogs around the pond (maybe they should introduce some bass :-) After fishing a while I started to worry more about catching a frog!  Success or not, it was still fun. Check it out sometime

View From Alongside Stony Creek Anglers - Look How Hard it is to See

Check out how hard it is to see the pond when the grass/meadow is mowed down. Imagine finding it when overgrowth is high. Pond is down by the treeline in the background
Check out how hard it is to see the pond when the grass/meadow is mowed down. Imagine finding it when overgrowth is high. Pond is down by the treeline in the background

Who Will Love it

-If the fish are biting kids will love it.

-Local fisherman looking to be close to home and fish a bit

-People who don't mind walking a quarter mile to fish

-People who love to catch trout

Who Will Hate It?

-Anyone who hates to walk a decent distance to fish

- Anyone who hates the potential for crowds.  I can see this place filling up fast

-Serious fisherman looking for sport


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