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Updated on April 4, 2016

We sometimes wonder if the choices we made are the right ones and how our lives are affected. There are several well-established and time-proven religions of faith each with at least hundreds of millions of followers. For someone who seeks spiritual salvation, one will wonder which one will fulfill its promises. For those who are looking for guidance to a prosperous yet harmonious life style, there are schools of philosophy to consider and their success is not guaranteed. There are/were people who:

  1. Have won the Nobel prize,

  2. Have become unimaginably wealthy,

  3. Have committed unspeakable evil acts,

  4. Have devoted the entire life to raise a family,

  5. Have drink, dance, and partying the whole life, etc.

    Is there a single yardstick or the absolute standard that we can rely on to evaluate whose life is more meaningful and essential to the survival of the human species?


Before a person reaches adulthood, the choices in life are mainly made for the person by other people – what food to eat, clothes to wear, school to go to, friends to play with, etc. When the person achieves mental and physical maturity, one is usually free to choose how to spend the rest of the life:

  1. A person may want to be an educator, a lawyer, an astronaut, a professional singer, etc. But, soon one will realize that one can choose to be what one is supposed to be.

  2. A person may choose to have many friends to share common interests, ideals, and desires. But, due to economical, political, and social influences, a person is lucky to find one close friend that lasts for a life time.

  3. A person may want to live a long, productive, and meaningful life. But, all that also depend on external forces (genetics, environment, etc.) that the person has no control of.

    A person’s life is not defined by the choices one made but by the choices that are available for the person to make.


In the animal world, it is survival by any means at any cost. All living things are checked and balanced by Nature’s ecosystem. In the man-made world, the game of life has become more complex as it is no longer just to survive and to reproduce:

  1. Some people want to know when and how life started and is there an end to life,

  2. Some people are only interested in making money to enjoy the material comfort,

  3. Some people prefer a simple family life adhering faithfully to the religious doctrine,

  4. Some people have no choice but to follow a path of crime and punishment,

  5. Some people are destined to rich and fame because of their innate talent and special capability.

    In the man-made world, the competition to make a living is fierce. But, new opportunity is also abundant. To find a mate and raise a family is not difficult. But, to meet someone and share a long lasting and happy family is a rarity. What a person can accomplish in life is defined by Nature and refined by Nurture.


What a person does and accomplishes may affect the life of not only the people around the person but also the people around the globe, sometimes, even the future generations. What is obvious is the great inventor, the leader of the nation, the mass murderer, the great philosopher, the great religious leader, the financial swindler, etc. What is not obvious are the parents of those people and the average person who keeps the family together, who works tirelessly in one’s part to keep the economy going, or the teacher who patiently educates the young about the man-made world, etc. Who is to say whose life is more important and meaningful as no one has a choice to be what one is and limited choices to be who one can be. Everything in Nature may seem to have occurred in random and by chance without purpose. But, we have learned that they all can be explained by physical laws, mathematical formula, and environmental resources. We may think that we have many choices to live our life and change the future to our likings. But, we have learned that nothing will work without following those 3 criteria.


Our solar system was formed from a cloud of gaseous dust that contained the essential chemical elements for the animated as well as the in-animated matters. The Sun was formed first followed by the planets around it. All these continuous, incessant, and chaotic activities occurred randomly but guided by the physical laws and mathematical equations. When the dust finally settled and the structure of Our Solar system stabilized, our planet, Earth, turned out to be the only one having all the right conditions that allowed life to germinate, flourish, and evolve through a process controlled and directed by these invariant, invisible, and absolute physical laws and mathematical equations. As the human civilization advances, we have uncovered more and more of these laws and equations. We have learned that in the Universe, there are billions of solar systems like ours in a typical galaxy and there are billions of galaxies in the Universe. But, there is only a fraction of those solar systems containing planets with the right conditions to harbor intelligent life. The laws and equations do not dictate where the intelligent life will be but how many there will be and the numbers are still staggering. There are many intelligent living forms on Earth. We are the only ones who possess the designs to uncover and understand those hidden laws and equations that dictate how things are and what they can be. We are just beginning to scratch the surface of this grand scheme. Each person is born slightly different with different physical and mental capabilities. By combining all our unique traits, we will one day unravel all the physical laws and mathematical equations and come face to face with the absolute meaning and purpose of life and its many wonderful and inspirational as well as disgusting and contradictory attributes.


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