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Are We Alone

Updated on March 23, 2017

Since the dawn of civilization, we have been wondering about the origin of life. Are we unique or there are many like us living in one of those shining stars in the sky. Due to the advance in science and technology, we understand that Earth is the only planet in our solar system that harbors life forms in general and intelligence life form in particular. The other 7 planets are either too cold, too hot, or lacking the physical attributes to give rise to the right environment to support even the simplest living organism. Further, we realize that Earth’s unique life sustaining playground came about not by accident. Earth has to:

1) Be at the right distance from the Sun,

2) Have the right rate of rotation,

3) Have an axial tilt,

4) Have an active geology,

5) Have a protective atmosphere,

6) Have a protective magnetic field.

Does this mean that there was an intelligent intervention in the formation of our solar system 4 billion years ago?


Through the study of Astronomy and the help of ever more powerful telescopes, solar systems like our own were and are being formed not only in our galaxy but also in the billions of galaxies in the Universe. As a result, it is estimated that there are 300x100 billions of stars with planets in different configurations and properties. Out of these, there are probably 100 billion stars with planets that have Earth-like conditions. It is then concluded that it is a matter of time that we will either find or be contacted by civilizations of intelligent life form from some of these planets. Will such encounters be friendly or hostile?

War and Peace

The road to our advance civilization was paved with personal conflicts, territorial battles, and global wars when the strong tried to take advantage of the weak. The results were the loss of hundreds of millions of lives, a polluted environment, the disappearance of natural habitats and resources. But, we had also learned from our destructive ways of our deeds. To remedy, we created:

1) The United Nations to clamp down on unwarranted aggressions against helpless people and human rights violation,

2) The Red Cross to provide food and shelters after a starvation or natural catastrophe,

3) The Environmental Protection Agency to safeguard against pollution and contamination of air and land,

4) The UNESCO World Heritage to identify culture and natural importance to humanity for conservation.

Are we able to live off the land without destroying it?

Code of Conduct

Today, as we are ready to explore the Universe for resources and intelligent life, we will also be constantly reminded about the discovery of the New World by Columbus whose superior technology decimated the entire indigenous people and their cultures. As we find the natural resources we need in one of the planets, we are ready to take extra precaution to be environmentally friendly and not to interfere with the natural development of the native inhabitants. By the same token, if some intelligent life forms happen to visit Earth and find its civilization is still primitive and not ready to accept the existence of superior extraterrestrial beings, they will take pain to cover their tracks and be an invisible observer. If someone or some country is able to get the hand on a game changing technology that is not from this solar system, the long and hard-fought political and economical equilibrium will be thrown into instant chaos. Are we going to survival a confrontation with an alien civilization?


As we understand more about ourselves, our Earth and solar system, it becomes obvious that we are not alone in the Universe. More significantly, our life and civilization are not unique. Their developments follow a set of rules and laws that are part of the characteristics of our Universe. Just like an automobile assembly line, by supplying raw materials at one end, a fully functional moving vehicle comes out the other end. This may be an over-simplified analogy. But, to think that we have control over our destiny on Earth is to think that the ants know what they are doing in constructing the intricate underground tunnels. No doubt, we are on a higher level of intelligence than the ants. Our complex society is built and sustained by each one of us performing one’s special function. No one knows and can do it all. Only by working together as an interdependent unit like the ants, our society can prosper and our civilization marches forward. It is also common knowledge that in our present stage of evolution, we are capable of utilizing less than10% of the brain’s information and intellectual processing potentials. Our Universe is a big incubator for new born, young, mature, and dying stars. Within these star systems are planets some of which may harbor intelligent life forms in the Stone Age, in a time of spiritual discovery, during the industrial revolution, launching space probes into space, or engaging in inter-galactic exploration.


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